Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Medieval Dress Up!


This looks.... fun.
Kind of.
Although dark and menacing.
Where are the princesses?
Where are the knights in shining armor?
And do you SEE that gleam in Tori's eye?
Oh my stars.
(And how did Davey Jones get in this picture? Isn't he RIP-ing at the bottom of the sea?
Inquiring minds want to know!!!)
Obviously Casey did something very naughty.
I'm sensing French Revolution "L'Guillotine" type naughty.

I do not even want to contemplate what Haley's doing with that doll.
Ilura Dannon, per chance? From "Willow?"
And is that my precious Taylor about to decapitate Casey?
With a yellow plastic shovel???
Improvisation at its best.
And Kyle (as the Dark Knight, mayhap?) is holding
off Davey Jones with a long spear, while Davey appears
to be wielding a short sword.
'Tis a rough world in which we dwell, readers.


A child's imagination is their best playmate. It never has to go home for supper or visit Grandma in Pawtucket
and it stays steadfast when you get grounded
or sent to your room.

God-given gift, wonderful earthly concept!


  1. With a simple bandana, my house is transformed into a haven for pirates, super heroes, or cowboys. Adults need to use their imaginations at times with the same abandonment as children.

  2. Oh, Lisa, I couldn't agree more. Which is probably why we write. We're frustrated children, playing make believe.

    The plus side of WRITING the stories, is you don't have to get along or compromise with ANYONE ELSE...

    Total world domination.

    Oh, except for that editor person, LOL!

  3. Love the pics. Kids can be so amazing. They can turn the simplest thing into a ship or castle, a weapon or instrument of good. Sometimes they are truly amazing! beekeeper5[at]bellsouth[dot]net

  4. Oh my stars, isn't that the truth? Kids inspire me in stories, in life, in so many ways. When I'm not torturing them.

    We have a 'dress-up' closet under the stairs, done over to be a closet and changing room...

    A wealth of fun opportunities.