Friday, July 9, 2010

Is Good Hair All That Important????

"Not always," says McKenna. "I find that my inner self
shines through when I brush off mundane concerns
like fancy, over-the-top hair styles. Don't you?"
"Bad hair? Whuzzzat?" adds Brooke.

"Frankly, I'm too cool to care. Like McKenna said: Don't
sweat the small stuff. I mean, seriously:
Look at this face? I'm stinkin' adorable."

"I think McKenna and Brooke are both pretty."
"Can we have lunch now?"

"Who's gonna notice my hair when I'm this doggone cute?"
(This is an unfair advantage that boys of ALL AGES enjoy. Someone should do a scientific study of why this is.
Because it's wrong. Just plain wrong.)

And as we all know, a really sweet ride makes up
for all the bad hair in the world.
Obviously McKenna had car trouble
and Nathan and Nolan ran to the rescue.
Heroes in the making.
This is why I write... I help mold the heroes of tomorrow
with the urchins of today.


  1. OMG, Ruthy! These kids are soooo cute! I caught the wedding pics yesterday and had to snicker, but today? I'm really seeing the importance of good quality hair products!!

    Thanks for sharing your budding heros and heroines.

  2. Audra, dear heart, I do what I can.

    I love Americana. Cute kids. Great reads.

    And since no one in their right mind cares what I'm listening to on the iPod, I'll stick with kids. Puppies. Kittens. Cute guys...

    Yowza. ;)

    And smile-at-first-bite recipes.


  3. So cute! I love these pics! :)

    Once again, my child did not make it into your blog post. Is it because he doesn't have any hair? I think that's discrimination - hairism - or some such thing... ;)

  4. Well Bethy, we see who she favors! Those darn Tydings kiddos.. Ha ha!! Our babies better make it on here soon! The next post ; The newest cutest 2010 babies! :)

  5. Whiners, the lot o' youse!

    Stace, you'd have to PUT THE BABY DOWN in order for me to take pictures.

    And 'Lijah is bald.

    But still cute.

    And I featured him in Seekerville, with Logan, I do recall. TWICE.

    Oh my stars, why are people never satisfied????


    We love babies.

    Next week we'll give everyone a baby fix. Promise.

    And no book purchase if REQUIRED, but the author is grateful for people who buy her books. And she's even more grateful when they LOVE them.


  6. looks like some cuties are missing from the pics.....but a cute bunch it is anyway :)

  7. Cute kids. Smart dogs. Great books.

    And don't forget really, really good food. There's a layer cake in the oven as we speak and I'm workin' up a mess o' pasta salad for everyone.

    Grab a fork. Plates are helpful, too.

    And the drinks are on the house.

    (not really, they'd fall off. I meant they're free.)

  8. I had a RRRRREEEEEAAAAALLLLLLLLLLYYYYY (really) bad hair day.

  9. Well, now good hair is important.