Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Surround us.


And here....
Clematis are easy to grow, hard to kill.
God intended this plant for gardeners like me.
I'm Celt enough to know I'm part garden fairy, part dryad.
Both parts require time I don't have.
Enter: God.

How stinkin' cute is he? Do you see the birdhouse he made me?
This is my friend Kyle. I love him. He's very cool, cute
and super smart.

Miracles....Wonderments....Sweet magic and mist...


This is Kathryn, working on a patchwork pillow... Just got her new glasses.


And this is Casey, cutting out her squares. Check that smile.
Wouldn't you love to bottle that???


MacKenzie Marie...

Welcome to the planet.


  1. Oh Ruthy!
    Kids in trees, young ladies with crafts, flowers, and ...
    I Love tiny little bitty cuddly sweet soft sleepy Babies.
    Yep, God = Miracles of All kinds.
    And the clematis will just get prettier in all that heat you're having. Love them!

  2. Pamela, ain't it the truth? The miracles are in the little things...

    And babies.... ;)

    Each one a miracle unto itself.

    Hey, I brought some fresh tart cherry pie. Anybody want some?

  3. Love the blooms, the birdhouse and the baby! The girls are so sweet. Are these 4-H projects they're working on...maybe???

    Fair time is coming up : )

    Love your new home, Ruthy!

  4. Beatuiful, Ruthy.
    God is so cool. and babies...well, who can deny God's handiwork with them.

    Okay- just gotta say that I'm studying Celtic Christianity for this Supernatural novel I'm writing. AMAZING!
    Btw, a large portion of my ancestry come from Wales and Ireland. Sigh. Love the thought. My Irish eyes are smilin'