Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This puppy is leaving soon.... Her mama and papa are vacationing in Canada this week.
The dog, not the kid. We get to keep her.

And these babies are all at their new homes, but my friends
Casey, Allison and Taylor got them used to kids.
And fingernail polish.
And dress-up games.  ;)

And yes, these puppies are on a roof.
Accessed via chain link fence and/or a Catalpa tree.
This is what summer is all about, folks. On Flower City Park we used to have contests
to see who could walk the entire block from Maplewood to Lake Ave.
without touching ground. Tricky, but possible.  :)
Shh...Do not tell their mothers. Please.

And these precious babies are just beginning their stay with us.
Born July 3rd, with a rousing cheering section in me and Lacey.
And Logan and MacKenzie.
I think Seth dozed off.  :)
Seven new babies. Seven sweet puppies. And note the stylish purple
polka-dot blanket.
We go all out.


  1. I'm impressed Ruthy. Guess I better get busy myself. LOL The pups are adorable.

  2. I think you can NOT go wrong posting puppies and cute little children. It's got to be a formula for victory in blogging.

  3. Ruthy,
    This is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I love it.
    The kids and pups too.
    Made me smile - but you do that well (after I wince, of course) ;-)
    Hey, just posted an excerpt to a new story idea that Strang Communications asked for
    (Christian Supernatural, so be prepared ;-)

  4. Wait. A. Pea-pickin' minute!
    did you write SWEET tea on your header? Sweet!?
    Aren't you a Yankee? ;-)


  5. I know, Pepper! Surely, you can't get sweet tea up there!! At least not the authentic stuff. ;)

    Great blog, Ruthy!! I love it. And the photos. And I want one of you babies...someday. But for now, my two old dogs are all I need. :)

  6. Ru, I LOVE it!!!! You are such an inspiration to me and I love being your daughter. No one has a better mom & friend.

    I can't wait to follow your blog as it progresses.

    Lijah's calling me, must go tend to the little'un. :)

  7. Sandra!!!! Isn't it stinkin' adorable? And it gives me a taste of spring all year, especially in February when I'm whining about winter lasting forever. Of course I'm an equal opportunity whiner, all seasons.

    And I'm in total agreement with Connealy, and I'm planning to use the more genteel and appealing elements of my life to lure unsuspecting people into my site, show them my beautiful grandchildren, sweet babies, puppies and kittens (and you never know when a lamb or two might show up) AND THEN point them gently to the beautiful Love Inspired books to the left.

    I've stolen this idea from Connealy and it appears to work well.


    It's the least I can do, right????

    Pep, I LOVE sweet tea. Love it. I'm telling you, girlfriend, I could SO BE Southern. If it weren't for the heat and the bugs.... And the humidity.... Did I mention heat and bugs???


    I'm what you'd call a genteel Yank with Southern tendencies, y'all, but ah do draw the line at puttin' our crazies right out on the front porch like my southern brethren do. We keep ours tucked upstairs, nice and proper New England style.

  8. Gorgeous reminders of spring! Beautiful colors and puppies. What could be better??

    Ruthy, are you saying there are no bugs, heat or humidity in WNY?? Hard to believe, babe!!

  9. Audra, there is a smidge of that up here, but it's limited by blizzard action.

    So the bugs can't grow quite as tall. Wide. Broad. BIG.

    And the humidity lasts days, not months. And the heat... 'nuff said.

    Have you seen those Southern roaches???? Nothing (not even in the Big Apple) compares to them. They are an entity unto themselves.

    But I'm Southern at heart, and I love the quirkiness (Irish roots) and the zaniness (also Irish roots) and the gorgeous gardens (Grandma Herne, part Irish, part Dutch if you can believe that!!!)

    I'm a mixed breed.