Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As I sit here on a nice, calm morning, writing a book that opens in an ice storm, I can't help but remember the ice storm in March of `91, the "Mother of all Ice Storms" they called it.

It came.

It froze.

It piled an unbelievable amount of ice on everything, shrouding our world in bright, glass-like ice. Amazingly beautiful and deadly. Trees crashed under the weight of the ice, bringing down electric lines everywhere. The sound of trees crashing in the dark night, rolling off rooftops, or caving them in, was like no other sound I've ever heard. And it went on for hours and hours.

 There was no communication. No light. No heat. No way to get gasoline because the roads were all blocked with timber and electric lines. No way to run the gasoline pumps if you got to a gas station. Grocery stores full of food had to throw out all perishables. We had batteries for our old radio and that was the only source of communication we had.

We were one of the lucky ones. Our power was restored on day four. Many were out for 10-12 days... And the temperature outside was in the 30's.... Which meant if you didn't have an alternate source of heat, your inside temperature wasn't much better.

Remembering that storm is like recalling where you were when the Challenger disaster occurred. Or when President Kennedy and Martin Luther King were shot. Or when Princess Diana died.

That storm taught me so many things. As the years moved on, we installed a beautiful wood-burning stove for heat. We had natural gas run to the house and replaced our old electric kitchen stove with gas. We keep an extra tank of propane in the garage for the outdoor grill.

It took a lot of years, but we were determined to never let our family be cold and hungry and helpless again.

So now, writing this story, I know what ice storms do. I know the problems and injuries that occur. I can write about them without too much research because I lived it.

But I'm thanking God, our Father, for this chilly peaceful morning because it's calm. And I've developed a whole new respect for calm!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I need help.

No, no, not THAT kind of help, although there are some who would nod wisely and GRIN.

No, we need to NAME THAT TROOPER!

His last name is Hendrickson. He's a total hottie... Of course! But Trooper Hendrickson has a chip on his shoulder...

A gut full of guilt.

 His first name cannot begin with "M" or "J" or my virtual assistant will KILL ME. And that would be sad. Right?

Other heroes in my Allegany County books are Trent, Jeff, Danny, Matt, Cameron, Brett.... In the North Country we have Brooks, Craig and Marc.... So I can't use any of those.

Let me describe this rugged, cool guy with a chip on his shoulder: He survived the upstate NY ice storm of '91... his handicapped sister didn't. His parents' marriage eventually broke up. He's a loner who lived downstate as a trooper, avoiding the crazy upstate weather and memories. Just reassigned the previous week, he has no idea that being trapped in a hospital-turned-into-shelter during a mammoth ice storm with Katie Bascomb will be his turning point. God's saving grace. A new day...

Because right now he's not all that impressed, LOL! And I'd kind of like a 'surname' first name if we can come up with one that fits. Because I was going to have it be his mother's maiden name. Whaddya think?????

Help me name this protector. This guardian. This hardened soul. And then we'll see if we can't give him something to smile about in the face of wrack and ruin.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Well, this is a sweet time of year for a romance writer!

Chocolate.... sweetheart candies....

Love notes.... :)



Coffee from the Keurig:

I love the peaceful winter months following Christmas. We all get inevitable colds. We all doze off when there's much to be done. We scowl when we have to leave a warm house after dark.

We're so silly!

This year, I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day, even if it's as simple as sitting back, chill-laxin' and reading a good book. And I certainly wouldn't object if it was one of mine, LOL!