Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life-giving Waters!!!!

So, admit it. He's adorable.
This is the same little guy made famous
in Seekerville a few weeks back when
I gratuitously used him to draw crowds of
people to my writing post.
Yes, I am that shameless. Because he's THAT cute.  ;)
So this was his Baptism.
He's wearing the sweet outfit I made for his Uncle Matt
thirty years ago.
Go ahead, ask me: Do I sew now?
But I WRITE now, and that's just amazingly wonderful.
Mike and Miranda are 'Lijah's Godparents.
And that's Father O'Brien directing affairs.
He's a sweetheart.
And do you SEE Elijah eyeing that gold bowl?
Like: Whassat???
Whereas Max has obvious latent pyro tendencies
because he's got his eye on the candle.

And then cake.
Of course.
Gotta' have cake, right?

Elijah Thomas:  May God bless you and keep
you always.
Your Grammy


  1. So wonderful, and he is a cutie! Can't wait to squeeze him too!
    Couldn't ask for a better family, that little Eli has been born into!

  2. Obviously you are buttering me up for something.

    I have no money.

    I have little fame.

    You must want cake.

    Wait. I'll bake one. Right now. ;)

  3. Yay! My kid made it onto Ruthy's Place!!!!

    That was a good day. And Lijah looked sooooo good in the baptism outfit made by his Grammy. :)

    Thanks for making the great cake, Ru!

  4. Welcome.

    We like the kid.

    Even though he looks like his dad. ('Sup with that, Beth???)

    And his dad likes the Twins.

    But we try to overlook these things.

    Kind of. ;)