Monday, July 12, 2010



I confess...
I love the start of a new week.

Just love it.
New beginnings.

Countless opportunities.

A new day, no mistakes in it yet.

Yup. It's Monday.

I'm totally psyched.

Have I mentioned my Keurig?

Oh my stars, best invention ever. Well, sliced bread is pretty nice, too.

But my Keurig coffee maker, that brews PERFECT cups
of coffee, flavored or not,
hi-test or low,
caf or decaf... My friend Sherrie gave it to us.
Dave is now addicted.
But he's safe to drive with, so that's okay.
And at least he's not struggling to put on pantyhose
and drink coffee while driving.
You think cell phones are dangerous?
Pantyhose are much worse. Really.
And just look at the choices....
I LOVE choices.

Best thing ever.
Although Boyer Mallo-Cups are still high on the list of amazement.
Not rivaling God, but pretty darn good by human standards.
I'm just sayin'....
Happy Monday. May God bless you with a wonderful start
to a new work week.
And good chocolate and coffee.


  1. Thanks Ru, now I'm totally craving Mallo-cups!!! :)

  2. Craving Mallo-Cups is not a BAD thing....

  3. Wow! I haven't had a Mallow-Cup in years! Loved them as a kid. At the place I worked at a few years back, we did have a coffee maker that made the individual cups to suit our customers' needs. Boy! Did it ever go great! Everyone could have the strength and flavor they wanted. I'd love to have one at home, too. :-D

  4. I've never seen those MalloCups, & I need some for peanutbutter allergic Fins. Why don't they sell those down here?
    Yes,I love Mondays too! Except today, when we all went to the dentist & I (of all people!) receive the bad news: come back for more. Blech!
    Maybe it's a good thing MalloCups aren't sold down here...
    Need my cold coffee.

  5. Mallo-Cups rock. Couldn't find them ANYWHERE for the longest time, but now Tops carries them... And the Mobil stations... And a few odd hardware stores.... I know this because occasionally I would ride to LeRoy (about 40 minutes) just to buy Mallo-Cups at a hardware store there.

    I only wish I was kidding, but it was worth the trip. ;)

    Pam, I put fluoride on my Mallo-Cups before I eat them. No problems at all. Try it. It works.

    And Dawn, YES! the individual cups are brewed to perfection once you figure out which flavors and which strengths you like.

    A little flavored creamer.... Caramel machiato or Italian Sweet Cream.... Oh my stars, can you say delightful????