Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blessings surround us!

While God loves a good choir, he treasures a lament.

If you go  
 today, you'll find Deb Giusti's great post
 about how words and actions touch people.

Loved it.

And if you ignore the HORRIBLE expression on my face,
you can focus on the miracle of this baby boy.
Logan. Love him!

And here we have a lost art renewed. Learning to sew!

How adorable is she???

I love my girls. And I can't believe their parents let me help raise 'em.
Obviously they haven't told them about the snakes in the back yard.
And occasionally the basement.

Stupid snakes.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Porch shots, continued...

Remember my friend, Bob-the-Builder???

He was tearing down our side porch. The one the possum visits regularly.

This possum:

Charming, right???


So here's how the porch looked during tear-down:

That's Bob. Most of him.

And two insurgent children are heading his way.

A tiny helper. Note the porch post behind her, with the rotted bottom? Rain. Wet wood.

Carpenter ants. I will not, WILL NOT post a picture of them. I hate carpenter ants.

Ahh.... MUCH NICER!!!

Note the spindles. New posts. Bob even gated the entry for us, to keep little ones IN.
Always a good thing.

That gorgeous swing?  I ordered that from 
Sandy's Place 
Riverside Drive

 (Route 19), Wellsville, NY... 

We can fit FIVE 
little kids on that swing.
Three grownups.

I love that swing.

And the beginnings of a garden.

The very cool planter with arms covers the original house well, circa 155 years ago.

I bought it on a research trip to Allegany County, also at Sandy's Place just north of Wellsville. Love her shop.

Rare medieval southern cowboy princess sighting.
Note the flowers.

How can anyone NOT love that face???
Talk about panache.
Oh my stars.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It cannot possibly be February....



Oh my stars. 

Grandpa's doing better. He's home. He loves being home. And when God's ready for him, he'll send the angels to the house. Until then we ply him with cookies. Cookies are a wonderful thing.

Snow day today:

Snow days rock.

This is what a snow day is all about, Charlie Brown!!!

And this....

And of course, this....

Aren't they adorable? Beautiful? Wonderful???

And they all started out like:


Time for hot chocolate. Or spiced cider. Warm socks.
God doesn't want you to ever waste the snow days of life.