Friday, July 16, 2010

Sharing the Wealth

Are you noticing the donut in Nolan's hand?
He's three.
He lives to eat. I can pretty much get Nolan to do
anything I want by using food and I'm not
afraid to do so. This is big sister Kenna offering
him a bite of hers.
And if you look carefully, you'll note that Nolan is holding
the white frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles...
Not the chocolate glazed he vehemently insisted his mother buy for him.
Boys. Sheesh.
So much donut. Such a small mouth.
And yet, he strives.
"Kenna, wanna bite of mine?"
Note that Kenna's almost vanished donut says
she's no slouch in the 'wolf-down' donut department
either. A girl after my own heart.
But here's another girl after my heart.
Please note that Dianna is not your typical princess.
We've got the gown thing working, oh yes.
But then we've layered with a gauzy lilac shawl, hip draped,
very 8th century.  (I just made that up but I figured you
won't know either, unless some of you smart
historical writers tumble by in which case I KNOW you'll
correct me.)
And then the pink cowgirl vest, just in case the night turns chill.
It's 90 degrees right now.
And the armor. A girl can't be too prepared these days.
Toss in a touch of Antebellum with the hat,
and you have Today's Girl.
Love it.
Hey, I brought homemade ice cream sandwiches, using
my famous chocolate chip cookies.
It's best to let them thaw a few minutes to avoid
brain freeze.
But that's quite impossible, so just be forewarned and enjoy.


  1. Oh Ruthy, what lovely kids. Are those your grandkids, or just some you lured into your house by having donuts handy?

  2. Lured, most definitely.

    Donuts work. So do popsicles, ice cream cones, and M&M's.

    They're about the ONLY people I share M&Ms with.


  3. Princess Dianna is royalty after my own heart.
    When I was this young (!), I sneaked into Mother's closet & stole (yes, an absolute burglar) her mink stole and her gold sparkly high heeled evening shoes.
    Now, we lived in New Orleans, & this was mid July, so the concrete sizzled & you sweated in the humidity the second the screen door slapped shut, but I was on a mission, so I didn't feel the heat!
    Until later, when Mother discovered me parading up & down the street in her evening clothes!
    But oh! Paula (my best friend) & I had a lovely time that day, walking our babies in our best clothes.
    P.S. I have that mink stole today, but my boys never cared. *sigh*

  4. Stupid boys.

    I've got superhero stuff for the boys, but I posted Cole and McKenna's wedding a week or so ago... Under 'weddings', of all the silly places.


    And he brought a good shirt, a tie and pants to wear for their 'date' on the porch.

    So cute.

    I love that you nipped Mama's mink. There's something about being all dressed up, a femme fatale...

    Oh my stars. Love it, Pam!