Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dinosaur Soup

This is Chef Logan.

It's recipe day here at Ruthy's Place, and today our guest chef is none other than the esteemed Logan. Logan's wearing the latest in Ruthy's Place fashion, a shirt that proclaims: "I do my own stunts."
And he does.

First, for good dino soup, you must encounter a herd of assorted dinosaurs, preferably with a meat-eater or two in the mix.

And here they are!!
Logan appears unfazed by both number
and type, seemingly unafraid of sharp horns
and big teeth.
What a brave lad!!!
For proper dino-chowder, you need a BIG pot.
If you cannot find a big pot, an unused garden
pond will do.
Place dinosaurs IN the pot/pond.
Simmer at low temps until meat falls off the bones,
watching pot carefully. As you can see,
Logan does this quite well.
Salt and seasonings may be added as desired.
If none are available, a handful of wood chips adds
 nice flavor to the broth.
Thicken with dirt for a more gravy-like consistency.
And there you have it. Enough for an army.

                                                  Photos courtesy of Logan Food Productions,
              All rights reserved


  1. Oh my goodness, he is precious! His dinosaur soup would be a nice accompaniment to my kids' puzzle cookies.

  2. Oh, wow a great recipe!! I sure do miss that little guy!!

  3. Love it! It's such a wonderful use for an unused garden pond. Very creative, Logie Bear. :)

  4. Well, Logan comes from a long line of good cooks, that ol' pioneering spirit of live off the land.

    And wood chips DO add fiber to your diet! Try some in your salad tonight... Mmm... Tasty...


    Lisa, isn't he too cute, and didn't I promise GREAT RECIPES at Ruthy's Place???

    I always deliver as promised, LOL!

    And Sarah, good morning! I don't know if these kinds of dinosaurs are indigenous to your part of the country, but ours originated in the Walmartassic Era, a hitherto unknown period of time, now well-established. One can not only SEE cool dinos, but they are available for purchase and cooking.

    So important.

    And Beth...

    Certain things lend themselves to creative play. In this case it's the garden pond.


    It could just as easily be a set of carving knives, but we're trying to avoid that. Usually. And if that does happen, I'll most likely not immortalize it on a blog.


  5. that kid looks like me :)