Thursday, July 8, 2010


In the Land of Make Believe:

Little girls dream of the big day...
They primp and prepare long before
it's absolutely necessary.
Sometimes they have second thoughts...
But who doesn't?

Enter the disgruntled bridesmaid.
Doesn't every wedding have one?
Do you think it's because her
flowers are so lame?
I suspect that might be the case.

Our groom is pondering his fate.
At length...
But the bride seems to have come to terms
with her decision. Or else she sees cake.
Or she can't wait to get to the dancing part,
music courtesy of WBEE, "Today's Country", 92.5

(If you're scoring at home, THAT was a shameless plug)

While Bridesmaid Brooke's smile seems a mite forced
(ya' think?????)
the rest of the bridal party looks quite happy.
Except the groom looks a little impatient
with all this picture taking nonsense.
He's hungry.
Bring on the cake.

Don'tcha just love a nice wedding???


  1. Great stuff on your new blog! Pics are adorable--a nice glimpse of the real Ruthy :)

  2. Mornin' Sweet Thaaang!

    Should I openly tell people I bribed you to be here?


    That would be silly. ;) Thanks, girlfriend, don't you just love these little ones????

    Oh my stars, they're so stinkin' cute.

  3. I LOVE the pics of the kids! When does my kid get to be on the site?????

    Lijah's lying on the floor right now, on his back, and he's THIS close to rolling over! Go, little man, go! You can do it! :)

  4. Beth, Beth, Beth...

    Good things come to those who wait, my child.

    And those who bring me chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Gloria Jean's is good, too.

    And keep cheering that boy on: There's a baseball team with pinstripes in his future.

    Jeter can't play forever, more's the pity! ;)

  5. See and this is why I love you! Not only a wonderful torturer (is that a word?) to my beautiful cherubs, but a good baker, listener and mother, and writer, and if you ever need a good slap and stop pittying yourself friend it's Ruthy! And also the newest Godmother and can't forget Davey, Godfather to my newest little cherub Megan. We couldn't be happier to have you in our lives! All of you, the whole fam damnly!
    Love you!

  6. Stace, good morning!!!!! Umm, do you SEE what time it is? Ahem....

    Oh, heavens, sleep in, new-Mama, reality returns once the work schedule kicks in come August. And Dave and I are thrilled to be Meggie's Godparents.


    I think she looks like me, don't you???? ;)

    And yes, torturer is a word. A very good word. A great descriptor for me.

    I love it.

  7. Aww.... love this.
    You make my summer fun. The teens are too 'grown up' for any playtime fun anymore, so I'm living vicariously through your blog.
    And ...
    Did you make that beautiful Cake????
    Think I'll pitch the tent in the backyard & see if we can go catch some fireflies tonight.

  8. Fun pics, Ruthy!

    The thing is . . . we still love to play "dress up!" ;-D

  9. How cute!!!! Oh, what fun playing dress-up!!!

  10. I still love dress up, oh, absolutely. And I'm not afraid to get grunge-down dirty when the job requires, but it's still fun to (don't laugh, don't you DARE laugh...) put on the ol' panty hose that make me look five pounds thinner, grab some strappy shoes, and a cute dress.

    With an a-line skirt to cover the sins of too many M&M's. ;)

  11. They're really cute! They seem to be posting just for fun. That's good.

  12. Make believe is huge around here! We have a "dress up closet" full of fun stuff. And we've been known to LAYER to the max...

    Which creates a post all its own, LOL!