Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Home on the Range Release Day!!!

I want you guys to love this book as much as Carrie Townsend (Romantic Times Review) did...

4 1/2 Stars....... TOP PICK for October...

And here's what Carrie had to say: 

Whenever children are on the page, Ruth Logan Herne’s writing simply shines. Add to that a trio of hunky cowboy brothers, the strong courageous women who capture their hearts, some adorable animals and a heart-stirring message of faith? In short, it’s the recipe for a perfect Western romance. Readers will find plenty to swoon over in Nick Stafford, both as a single dad and as a cowboy intent on pursuing a woman. The author exudes warmth and grace and love on each page of this novel, and the set-up for the next book leaves readers hungry for more.

Rancher and single dad Nick Stafford needs help. Specifically, he needs Dr. Elsa Andreas’ help or his daughter Cheyenne will be held back for another year in school. Elsa agrees to help, despite her hesitation about coming out of her self-imposed seclusion and risking her heart again. When Nick’s troubled ex-wife appears out of the blue, both of his precious daughters need him — and Elsa — more than ever. Will all of their hearts heal enough to see what God has planned?





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Sit back, relax, and we can just kind of stare at that gorgeous cover....

And celebrate together!!!!

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Home on the Range Release Day Coming!

Release day is five days away!!!

I've got a fun scavenger hunt scheduled...

And there are contests going on all over to win copies of "Home on the Range".... and I'm listing the links here:


Yankee Belle Cafe "Isabo's Yellow Rice" 

And then the scavenger hunt will be RIGHT HERE!!!!

I am so excited about this story, this series. I love writing westerns, I love cowboy lore and cowboy code and I'm totally in admiration of the women who run these ranches, businesses, etc. side by side with their men...

So catching calves or pulling calves, slogging through mud to unstick equipment, running the background home, house, kids, food and finances... A ranch is a multi-layered deal, and I love it!

It's fall here on the farm, and we're loaded with fun times, cute kids, fall produce and all the bounty of a good harvest... and enough to share, too.

And that's a blessing right there, isn't it?

I'm so excited to share these bits of our life here on the farm... and the Stafford men and their lives on the Double S Ranch in Central Washington.

And yes... I am truly having the time of my life!