Monday, July 5, 2010

92 Degrees...

This, yes, this right here is why I do not live in the South.

Things that should never stick together, do. And that's just unfair.

I turn red.

This is not how God intended me. I don't think. Lobsters are water-dwellers.

Not couch potatoes. But there are certain distinct reasons to welcome summer.

I rest my case.


  1. Ha! Ruthy, you need you some good ol'Southern iced tea! That's the sure cure for what's ailing you now! Of course, if I were to post a pic of hmm...say Tim Hudson (Go Braves!), how would that float your boat?
    Our 90's broke a coupla days ago, but they're coming back! Funny how you look forward to those sunshine filled summer days, only to darken the house & live like a mole in the dark to keep the power bill down.
    Beee-you--tee--full blog!
    Sending cool thoughts up to you!

  2. I am accepting your cool thoughts AND the iced tea gratefully, LOL!!!

    And the whole dark house thing. Oh my stars, that's so true. But not because of the electric, it's the heat generated by light bulbs saying I'm a total wuss.

    I am loathe to admit it, and yet, it's true.

    Do you think good hair makes up for cottage cheese thighs? I'm just thinking out loud here.

  3. Is there any other way for Ruthy to kick-off her blog??

    I rest my case, LOL!

  4. Nice, unique post Ruth. That is some classic exploitation. Looking forward to the new book! The first two were both faaaaantastic!

  5. Exploitation of stellar sports stars, other people's children and baby animals....

    But I do it gently, so nobody gets mad.

    A touch of genius, I think.