Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kittens Are Cuter...

Meet Pete the Possum.

There is no real point to posting this, except to be glad I'm not that ugly.
Even in the morning.
Even half-past morning.
Even when half-past morning meets late afternoon doldrums with bad hair and teeth.
Nope. Still not that ugly.
Do not note that the porch needs cleaning. It was spring.
Mud season around here.
Firewood stacks moved off the porch and back to garage.
Residual clutter.
The porch is cleaner now. Flowers. Rocking chairs. Swings.
And the possum is .... wherever.
Possums love cat food.
Never, ever leave your cat food out at night.
But possums also love to lick old grills.
I do not have a picture of that.

Pete's actually small. Young.
But he'll grow quickly with a daily diet of Meow Mix.

This is the porch now.
Sweet. Bucolic. Pastoral.
This is after a healthy dose of soap and bleach.
Winter hangs on a long time around here!


  1. I love that porch! It's the perfect place to relax and rock babies. Can't wait to get back home to enjoy it. There's no swing to rock babies on in MN! :)

  2. We miss you guys, but we're so glad you have that time in Minnesota with the Jamison crew.

    Give them hugs for us.

    The kittens and puppies miss you.