Monday, May 13, 2024

Puppy Update at the Farm!

The puppies are six weeks old now and so stinkin' cute! 

Moony has been chosen by his new family! He will be living with a wonderful family outside of Buffalo, NY!

There are five remaining puppies. One puppy, "Pigwidgeon" has been placed on hold until next week to allow the family time to get into town and see him. The remaining four are still available and welcome visitors!

This is Hedwig! She's a beautiful sweet-tempered curly blonde female who should darken up to a golden-over-cream tone. Her darker ears give us a clue about that! 

And here's Winky! She's a gorgeous sable-and-white female, showing waves... and a sure-of-herself personality. She's absolutely beautiful! 

And the remaining three boys!

This is Sirius.... he's a gorgeous black-and-white doodle with waves and he's already sure that he's a dog... He's got a total dog-like personality and when he sits so solidly and stoically he wins our hearts!!

 UPDATE: "Pig" is on hold until next Tuesday pending a customer visit.

Blonde Pigwidgeon is a smoother-coated boy. He's got an easy-going nature and even though he's a big fellow, he doesn't involve himself in the politics of the family. He's a total snuggler who will probably think he should be a lap dog but he's not going to be small so you need a good-sized lap! :)

And this is Dobby! He's the smallest of the boys and he's got an adorably curly dark-brown and white coat. He's gorgeous, friendly and loves people... but then he's a doodle and that's part of why they're so popular. They are people dogs, friendly, goofy, smart and affectionate. 

Puppies will see Dr. Wendel in one week. They are being very well socialized (that's like the understatement of the century around here), they've been dewormed at 2, 3, and 4 weeks, they've being trained inadvertently to not mess their "crate" area... 

Mom is an AKC registered Standard Poodle (brown and white parti-poodle) and Dad is a gorgeous black Goldendoodle (Son of our late Golden Retriever "Mick" and our beautiful chocolate brown standard poodle "Libby" 

Mom: Pretty Primrose aka: "Rosie": Rosie is typically about 45 pounds, smaller than your typical Standard Poodle... Her mom was on the smaller side, too.

Dad: Jeter:  Jeter is gorgeous. He's got his father's Golden Retriever form in a coal black body. He's eleven years old and has had no health issues. He's between 65 and 70 lbs and long-legged. And he's just a big old marshmallow boy.

Mom is Embark screened.

Jeter is 11 years old with no health problems in eleven years.

Price for puppies: $1800.00 Cash or Venmo

A two-hundred dollar ($200.00) non-refundable deposit secures your spot in the picking order.

Call or text Ruthy for a time to come see the puppies or to ask questions: 585 455 1035. If I'm in a meeting and can't get to the phone I'll call you back! 

Thanks for looking! 


Monday, April 15, 2024

And Then There Were Six!

 AKC Registered Standard Poodle "Pretty Primrose" gave birth to six beautiful puppies on Holy Thursday! 

We have four boys and two girls! Puppies are now eighteen days old... their eyes have opened and they are starting to walk instead of crawl which means our lives are about to get even busier!!!! 

Rosie is a "parti" poodle. That simply means she's a white poodle with big splotches of color. Her coloring is chocolate and white....

Dad is our beloved "Jeter" (named for the Yankee captain, yes! Because Ruthy and Farmer Dave are Yankee fans!!!) But we do love all baseball so Boston fans are always welcome here! Jeter is a black Goldendoodle... his parents were both raised by us, our dogs. Mom was a chocolate brown poodle "Libby" and a gorgeous red retriever "Mick" (short for McDreamy.... sigh...)  ;)

Okay, back to the serious business of puppies!  We let the girls give them 'house' names, so you Harry Potter fans will be thrilled to hear them... 

Females: Hedwig! Hedwig is the one on the right....  "Pigwidgeon" is bigger, he's on the left. Notice the darker-toned ears? 

Hedwig is a gorgeous blonde female with tan ears... the tan ears suggest a darker overcoat to come in on these cream-toned puppies!

Winky is the biggest puppy. Also a female, she's a gorgeous sable-and-white Parti-Doodle. 

Two black-and-white Parti-Doodle boys:  Sirius and Moony!

Sirius has a full black back saddle and white legs... and a gorgeous wave already! Moony has the more traditional look of mottled black-and-white, kind of like a Holstein cow. Unlike a Holstein cow, Moony will be happy in the house! 

Then we have Dobby.... Dobby is a touch smaller and already walking.... With a litter of six, there's not usually what we'd call a "runt" but someone has to be the smallest and that's our Dobby! He was born at almost a pound, so not a runt.... he is also sable and white and is totally chill... he likes snuggling already!

And then there's Pig!!!! "Pigwidgeon" of Harry Potter fame, Pig vies with Sirius and Winky for biggest puppy status.... He's a gorgeous blonde/cream right now but with the brown ears so we're excited to see what his mature coloring will be! Pig is the larger puppy on the left.

Pups are 75% Standard Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever. This makes them an F1B doodle. That simply means we crossed a doodle (50/50) with a full Standard Poodle (100%)

Puppies were born in the house and being raised here. They will be vet-checked by Dr. Heidi Wendel of Erie Canal Veterinary Hospital in Spencerport. They will have their initial course of shots from Erie Canal Veterinary. Heidi and her staff have taken care of our pets for over seventeen years. They know us and we know and love them!

Pups are being dewormed at 2, 3 and 4 weeks.

Dad (Jeter) is eleven years old and has had no health problems.

Mom (Rosie) is seventeen months old and has a clear bill of genetic health from Embark.

Price is $1800.00

Non-refundable $200 deposits are being taken now. Pups can be visited in a few weeks time. We don't do early visits because we need Rosie to focus on love and care of her babies.  Picking order will be by order of deposits. If, however, you are the last person and you don't care for the final puppy choice, your deposit will be refunded and we will re-post that puppy. We want people to love their new family member and we know that's important to you and the puppy!!! 

Feel free to call  or text Ruthy with any questions. Phone if 585 455 1035.

Puppies will be available to go to their new homes by May 23rd, Memorial Day Weekend.