Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Lawman's Second Chance... a Real-Life Love Story...

Book Signing this Saturday!

The Friends of the Parma Public Library
are hosting a delightful opportunity for us to meet in person...
AND TALK!!! :)
Saturday, May 11th, 2013
1-3 P.M.
Parma Public Library
7 West Ave.
Hilton, NY  14468

Books will be available for purchase! We'd love to see you there!

I just love this cover.

I love this book.

I hate the reason I was moved to write this book because my beloved friend Lisa was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer less than two years ago.

I first met Lisa... the REAL Lisa... when she and her husband Jeff came to my house a dozen years ago to talk about watching their newborn daughter Taylor....

You can see Taylor here:

She's the older daughter on the left... my granddaughter Emma was the model for the younger sister in this sweet book.... How precious are they?

So back to the interview with Lisa and Jeff... we live on a farm. In an old house. Life is interesting here and during the interview, Beth discovered a SNAKE on the basement stairs... Luke went running to help her even though he hates snakes... they dispatched the snake with a lot of typical teen theatrics and laughter...

Interview over, right????? Because who would leave their precious 3 month-old daughter in SNAKE HOUSE??????

But, no. Jeff and Lisa thought that if a brother and sister could work together to laugh over disposing of a snake IN THE HOUSE that we must be doing something right. (Silly them!!!)


Four kids and many snakes later (and the occasional mouse and one young squirrel...) we hit the brick wall of breast cancer. Lisa went on the offense with strength, power, prayer, courage and some tears... She dealt with two rounds of chemo... a bi-lateral mastectomy... weeks of radiation.... restructure surgery... loss of hair, loss of weight, all the downsides you associate with fighting this disease.

And today she's doing well... She looks great, she's back to work, I'm annoying her children as always and making fun of her in the nicest way possible...

I love this book. I love how it turned out, how I walked into Van Putte's Garden Center days after Lisa sat on my porch explaining the diagnosis and they were holding a Breast Cancer Appreciation Day.... And I could picture my heroine, running the show, fighting cancer tooth and nail... With everything at her disposal... While a young father struggles to put his life together after losing his beloved wife.

Cancer is indiscriminate. I pray daily for Lisa... for her family... and for researchers to unlock the key to making cancer no more a problem than polio... or tuberculosis... or any of the diseases we've eradicated through generations of faith/time/money/research.

This is a happy book... a feel good story of God's love and new beginnings and one woman's fight to make a difference in her corner of the world.

For a personal glimpse into the REAL Lisa's life, check out this book trailer created by Beth Jamison (former stairway snake fighter!!!) in honor of Lisa, Jeff and "The Lawman's Second Chance":  BOOK TRAILER 

And the three kids on the cover of "The Lawman's Second Chance" were modeled by Taylor, McKenna and Nolan Tydings....

Lisa's three oldest children. Brody Tydings was busy waging dinosaur wars with Fisher Price Rescue Workers swooping in to save the "little people" from the T-Rex's.

This is Brody, Megan and Elijah reading "Yuletide Hearts"... on the table, of course, because that's where everyone reads, right?  Last winter.... Clearly we consider reading to be a Most Valuable Skill!!!  :)

I hope you love this book and I ask you to join me in prayer for Lisa and all of the women fighting breast cancer... for cancer victims/patients of all kinds... and for research to rid us of this dreadful disease.

Click HERE to order The Lawman's Second Chance from Amazon.com....

And it should be available this week wherever Love Inspired Books are sold!