Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Imaginary Kings and Queens Inhabit the Earth...

So here we are, making crowns.

I'm not sure why.

But does it matter, really, in the whole

scheme of things?

Of course not.

Dianna and Brooke decorating their strips.

Because why wouldn't you?

"Dianna, I love that! May I copy yours?"

Because imitation is the sincerest form

of flattery, right?

Why doesn't that work with prom dresses?

Do not note the clutter behind the child.

Clutter is normal. Healthy. We embrace it.

Behold the child.

A king.

Because imaginations should be nurtured

and construction paper is fairly cheap.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Having Friends Means Being a Friend

Case in point:
This is Nolan when he was two, sharing a frappuccino with Brookie, also two.
Stop what you're thinking right now.
I can hear you all the way over here.
"Why would anyone give children coffee?"

When what you should be thinking is:
"Why would anyone give up even the
smallest portion of their amazingly good
frappuccino to two little monsters?"

It's all in the spin.

Sometimes we dress up:

How stinkin' cute are they?

And isn't it nice to know that Super Heroes
cross historical boundaries?
Something about the time-space continuum.
And chocolate.
Because in the end, it all comes back to

And that's the truth.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kids and Kittens

I love kids and kittens.

Puppies, too.

There's something inherently wonderful about unconditional love.

I do pretend to make the kids work, even during summer.
Kind of.

But then we play with kittens again.
Because the care and tending of animals is a life-affirming lesson, right?
And babies are cute.
End of rationalization.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Julie Lessman...

Is heating up the Web by posting today in SEEKERVILLE
and giving away a copy of her upcoming release:

Julie's beautiful, spiritual romances take
her Passion with a Purpose tagline
to wonderful heights.

And she's cute.

And I love her to pieces. And she's serving
great cyber food. Really. Seriously.
I never hedge on food, you know that.

Stop over. Give her the business. Bother her.
She'll thank you for it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This is Libby with her friends
Casey and Kyle.

Libby is a sweetheart. She is smart. Agile.
She thrives on the fact that we don't get
her cut as often as we should.
We explain that dread-locks are IN...
And she totally gets it.

Uh, oh. So much for private time.
One on one.
Or one on two, as it was.
This is like a Seuss book: 3 on 2.

Awwww..... Kisses!!!

Ya' just gotta love kids that don't fear
a little dog slobber.

And so I feed them good things.
The kids, that is.

And that makes them very, very happy.
The end.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Winter's End

She came in winter, with the snow.
It was cold.
She came to a house steeped in sadness,
old and new.

Her presence was required for a reason.

Not everyone welcomed her.
Not everyone in the house was ready to accept God's will, the inevitable.
Not everyone believed...

And still it snowed...
And dawn was long in coming.
But slowly...

Things changed.

They shared new lives, just beginning.
And old lives, near the end.
They shared time.
And the occasional wondering kiss...

But eventually, the time came for her to move on.
Another job.
Another responsibility.
And while both of them wished they could
make this work,
make it last.
There was no way.

But just when you think all is lost...

When you're pretty sure God has closed a door

Spring comes.
And you find he's opened a window.
And the sun beckons you home.

Winter's End...
Ruth Logan Herne, Steeple Hill Love Inspired

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ice Cream Window

We have a policy at our house:
Ice cream rules.
This official Yankee ice cream from Turkey Hill
rules two-fold.
First:  It's ice cream.
Second:  Duh. It's Yankee-friendly.
If only Jeter came in a box.
This is our "Ice Cream Window":

I manage to draw quite a crowd
when I open the ice cream
How stinkin' cute are these guys???
To make this seem more politically correct,
I make it educational.
Sometimes we go oldest to youngest, as pictured above.
Sometimes I reverse that order.
It's all mathematical.
Very SAT friendly.
Almost college-prep in its depth and simplicity ratio.
And that's what summer's all about.
Bathing suits.
And ice cream.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Country musings

I love animals.

This is Dora.
How adorable is she?

Gorgeous clematis.
Note that I am NOT showing you pics of my
weed-riddled gardens, loaded with
poison ivy.

Our rooster, Blackie.
Believe it or not, Blackie has become
a symbol of freedom of speech.
In his case, freedom of 'crow'.

A Golden Retriever puppy.
How can anyone not believe in God,
in miracles, be steeped in faith
by the simple wonders around us?
And then there's this:

Dave and Emma, having a swing
at the park with Grammy.
God is good.