Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sandra is from Arizona.
This is what her closet looks like.
I'm from New York...
Sense a difference there????
Oh my stars, am I THAT subdued???
Do ya' see how stinkin' colorful she is?????
Me at the Atlantic Ocean, water temp. 81 degrees.
Bath water.
Gorgeous. Beautiful. Cerulean blue-tinged aqua fading to green.
Just lovely.
Note I am NOT wearing a bikini.
The world is simply not ready for some things.
Sandra, taking a picture of me.
Silly thing.  ;)
This is where we had supper.
Ghirardelli's Ice Cream Parlor/Soda Fountain.
You walk in and the scent of warm, gently melted
chocolate bathes you.
Assails you.
Teasing, taunting.
It would have been wrong not to succumb.

Do you SEE that mountain of ice cream?
With fresh Ghirardelli fudge?
And sliced bananas?
And that GIRL looking at it???? Eyeing it up?
Don't go there, kid.
You do not want to go there. Trust me on that.
I'm a nice gal, but DO NOT threaten my ice cream.

Did a great session today on blogging (don't laugh, it isn't nice)
and websites...
Twitter and Facebook.
I'm like literally techno-savvy gal right now.

Now you can laugh.


  1. Ruthy! You make me drool!

    Ocean breeze.

    Sandy beaches.


    You are living my heaven right now!!

    Techno-savvy, eh? Let's see some badazzle! Link me up to parts unknown. Beam me up, Ruthy!!

    Glad you guys are having such a grand time in Orlando. Learn lots and come to normal life ready to share!!!!!!

    Hi Sandra!!! Love your clothing selection!!!!

    And the photogenic side of you...

    And the sundae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. Sooooo jealous! My vacation consisted of driving to & from Minnesota, & you're in Orlando with an ocean, Disney & chocolate!!!!

    Well, just bring me back something nice. Or at least something for my cute kid. Then I might not be quite so jealous. ;)

  3. Working hard on linking myself and my "WEB" presence...

    Only worried that it might split in two and then we have Ruthy: Factor of 2...

    The world is NOT READY for that.

    Audra, next year in NYC, baby!!! Let's 'wet the head' of that first book!!!!

    Keep writing.... And write faster, btw! ;)

    Bethy, give hugs to 'Lijah for me!!!! Big hugs.

    And save a place on the porch swing for me, won't cha?

  4. Great descriptions. One would think you were a writer or something. I could taste the chocolate. I cannot believe that was your supper. Is Orlando ready for Ruthy on a sugar high? Oh -- and congrats on your 4 1/2 stars for your new book. Can't wait to read it.

  5. Not sure the world is ready for a MORE colorful Ruthy! I think you're perfect the way you are. Keep enjoying the sunshine :)

  6. Kav, it was the GREATEST SUPPER EVER.... ;)

    And I will pay for it at length no doubt. But it was sooooooo worth it, LOL!

    And Kay-baby, I'm grinnin' and noddin' at the MORE colorful Ruthy.

    Bless you. Hugs you guys.