Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reader Letters: A True Gift

Reader Letters amaze me. Seriously. The thought that someone would sit down and take the time to write to me for ANY reason is mind-boggling. I have siblings that would consider that over-the-top attention.


And they'd be right.  :)

And yet perfect strangers do it because somehow, through my words,  my thoughts, my books, the Holy Spirit reaches out and graces their cheeks with a whispered touch, or maybe a gut-punch, or maybe a teeth clench. (The HS isn't all that gentle sometimes, and I know this first-hand for very good reason...)

What a treasure that is, the feelings of elder women, gentle men, young women, lost women, sweet guys....

I am honored beyond belief and overwhelmingly touched by their letters, their words, their thoughts.

Stories come to me from nowhere. But since that is obviously not true (because everything comes from SOMEWHERE, right?)

I know when a sentence fragment, or an old man's stance, or the smile of an urchin child sets my wheels spinnin', the hints of a new Ruthy-story, I know it's God.  Divine inspiration. I have no doubts.

We do nothing to earn our talents, they're a grace-given gift, but we must do everything within our power to hone our skills, whatever they may be, or else the gift is wasted, gone like chaff on the wind.

I'm so blessed to be able to do what I've long dreamed of doing and get paid for it. But more than that is knowing I make people smile, grin, laugh and cry. Feelings are another gift from God, priceless and endless.

My path was an interesting one, but it taught me a great many things that easier trails would have minimized. Character-building is never a bad thing, just a little painful at times.

Remember Wesley in "The Princess Bride":  "Life IS pain, Highness. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something."

I hope today that regardless of what's on anyone's iPod, they feel good. Empowered. Blessed. Ready to share a smile, a hug, a touch. Pass it on, pay it forward, pay it back....

Share the wealth.  Like the credit card commercials say:  "Priceless."

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  1. Ruthy,

    You have a wonderful way with words. You do seem to capture the essence of emotions, thoughts, impulses, desires, and humor. I love reading your stuff and it seems to be helping me find a "blog voice" that is more natural. My early blogs are stiff and "important" topic wise. I am beginning to say, "What would Ruthy do?" and that helps me write in a looser, more fun way. Thanks!

    I love little kiddos, too! I enjoyed your bad hair philosophy post and also the little chef's amazing dino stew!