Thursday, June 16, 2011

Holt Medallion Award of Merit!

Last July, Women's World Magazine called Winter's End a "Best Beach Read"...

And just this weekend, the Virginia Romance Writers Holt Medallion contest awarded Winter's End an "AWARD OF MERIT" which means it placed in the top five in the Best First Book category.

See the list HERE:

I'm thrilled and blessed to have this gentle story of life, love and loss touching hearts and souls. Huge thank yous to the judges and congrats to the winners and Award of Merit finalists in all categories. I'm honored to be among you.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring Snippets... Or Snips, LOL!

Do you recognize this beee-you-ti-ful famous author?  
Of course you do!
This is my friend Missy Tippens holding 
We both had books come out in April. How amazing and fun!
Missy's book "A Family for Faith" is a FIVE-AWW book.
It gets five "Aww's" because I was totally captivated by the characters and the sweet story line ...

This is a hinted rainbow. Isn't it cool? Just a tiny reminder of God's promise to us.
Love it.

Here is another light in my life: Elijah Thomas at 6 months old.
Stinkin' cute.

And then there's this:

Ruthy's Cooking School 
starring none other than
Brooke and Nolan:
This is where it all begins. 
The treats for 
all start here.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ah, spring!

This is Brooke and Allison with one of the new baby "Goldendoodles"
This one is "Little Bit".
I named her for Julie Lessman's heroine Faith
in her Daughter's of Boston series.

And this is Small-Town Hearts, available 
NOW wherever Love Inspired books
are sold...
Wal-Mart, Target, Barnes and Noble, Tops,
Wegmans, Amazon, e-Harlequin...
This is a delightful read. Sweet. Endearing.
I just love it.
And if you've ever lived in a small town, you'll understand:

Everybody Dies Famous In a Small-Town
And this is reason to believe in all things good and holy right here:  daffodils.
I love flowers.
Have I mentioned that???

 And this is the rooster in my friend Tess's kitchen.
Isn't he gorgeous?
Tess is Tina's mother.
This is Tina:
This is Tina narrowly escaping arrest in Rockefeller Center in NYC.
We went there for BEA...  BEA is a great book

Amazing, really.
And we got to see these lovely gals from Harlequin:

This is my beloved editor Melissa Endlich, me (duh) and super-wonderful editorial assistant Rachel Burkot. They do their utmost to smooth my rough edges.
And they're stinkin' cute, aren't they?
Tina and I had a great time with them.
When we weren't getting people lost.