Wednesday, July 28, 2010



Just found out today...
That "Made to Order Family" got
4 1/2 STARS from Romantic Times


Thanks, MOM!!!!  ;)

And now for Florida.... Gorgeous. Lush. Delicious.

Oh my stars!!!!

The Atlantic Ocean...
Downtown Disney...
The Swan
The Dolphin
The Yacht Club and Beach Club

Cara:  You would love these hotels!!

I cannot find my pics in Sandra's

Imagine me with wet feet.

And Mickey ears.

What could be better than that?


  1. Yeehawing my congrats to you from across the country, Ruthy-babe!! 4.5 stars!! That makes 3 in a row (don't think I'm not watching and counting, LOL!!)

    I can't think of anywhere better than Florida, Disney World, RWA central to celebrate success!

    So proud of you, kiddo. Now when Robbie gives my copy back to me, I'll be able to oooo and ahhhh over your clever wit and melting heart.

    No wait, that would be MY melting heart over Brooks : )

    Gotta get my hands on MY copy!!

    Enjoy Florida! Remember to write!!

  2. Oh my stars, I miss you guys SO MUCH, but I know we're together in spirit. And this way you're not stealing my M&M stash. ;)

    Great news, huh? I have to go give that reviewer candy. Starbucks. Hugs.

    Love you, kid!

    And Brooks.... He's a total hottie.

    I'm just sayin'.
    Laughing in Orlando!