Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Imaginary Kings and Queens Inhabit the Earth...

So here we are, making crowns.

I'm not sure why.

But does it matter, really, in the whole

scheme of things?

Of course not.

Dianna and Brooke decorating their strips.

Because why wouldn't you?

"Dianna, I love that! May I copy yours?"

Because imitation is the sincerest form

of flattery, right?

Why doesn't that work with prom dresses?

Do not note the clutter behind the child.

Clutter is normal. Healthy. We embrace it.

Behold the child.

A king.

Because imaginations should be nurtured

and construction paper is fairly cheap.


  1. Very cute post, Ruthy! :D Love the pictures!

    And isn't that funny how imitation is not flattery when it comes to prom dresses? ;)


  2. Ah, yes, Amber-my-sweet, prom dresses and mother-of-the-bride gowns are NOT to be duplicated.

    It is an ancient rule best left unbroken. :)

  3. you know I love it!!! My kids are in it! hahaha! Love you!

  4. Sheer bliss, that's what this post is. I'd begun to think that kids didn't play imaginative games any more and yet there they are, enjoying themselves royally. :-)

  5. The fact that you have clutter makes me love you all the more :-)

    We are BIG dress-up people around here. I'm particularly fond of playing Gandalf. Cotton balls glued together make for a great beard ;-)