Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Country Breakfast....

This needs no words.
That will not stop me from writing some, but I digress already.
Pan-fried bacon.
Scrambled eggs.
Toast, not too dark but not wimpy, either.

Heart smart?
No, but that's why I write romance
novels. THEY'RE good for the heart.

Breakfast: Good for the tummy.


  1. Mmmm. Sounds much better than heart smart oatmeal!

  2. Oatmeal has its place.

    In cookies.

    And Grace Pantleone's boiled oatmeal cake with broiled frosting.

    Oh my stars, now THAT'S oatmeal, honey!

  3. You ate breakfast?!?!?! I didn't think you knew how to do that! ;)

    My hubby made me a breakfast sandwich on an everything bagel. :)

  4. I might not EAT breakfast, but I comprehend the concept.


    If two cookies and three hands-ful of M&M's are breakfast, I'm in happy-land.

  5. Seriously, are you SURE you're not Southern?

  6. Pep, dahlin', mah heart IS Southern, but ah was planted up naw-reth by a directionally challenged angel who had a rare understandin' of mah aversion to heat and humidity. Not to mention bugs the size of small cities.

    They do not make fans big enough for me to cool myself on a Southern veranda full time, but ah love to adopt quaint Southernisms when available because y'all are just so sweet!

    Bless your heart!