Monday, August 30, 2010

Having Friends Means Being a Friend

Case in point:
This is Nolan when he was two, sharing a frappuccino with Brookie, also two.
Stop what you're thinking right now.
I can hear you all the way over here.
"Why would anyone give children coffee?"

When what you should be thinking is:
"Why would anyone give up even the
smallest portion of their amazingly good
frappuccino to two little monsters?"

It's all in the spin.

Sometimes we dress up:

How stinkin' cute are they?

And isn't it nice to know that Super Heroes
cross historical boundaries?
Something about the time-space continuum.
And chocolate.
Because in the end, it all comes back to

And that's the truth.


  1. Awww...thanks for starting my day out with a big ol' smile.


  2. I have been remiss in daily smiles but am determined to find a little R&R at Ruthy's Place where NO ONE is annoyed by the rooster....

    I love country mornings. Just love 'em.

    And I know you didn't come stoppin' by before the word count, I can tell by the time signature, so I am SO PROUD OF YOU.

    Seriously proud!

  3. So, I enjoyed the pics & they certainly made me smile as well, BUT, they also made we want a frappuccino! I'll take a grande caramel frappe with whip, please! :)

  4. Just made me miss my son's mop of blonde hair:(. I think my hubby was wrong, he could have pulled off that hair well into his thirties!!!

  5. You make me smile. Thanks for posting such cuteness.

  6. Ah....


    There are no frappuccinos on Atkins. 'Tis a sad, sad state of affairs.

    There is beef.




    And lots of lettuce. Total bird and bush.

    I miss frothy high-calorie drinks THIS MUCH.

    And more.