Friday, August 6, 2010

Ice Cream Window

We have a policy at our house:
Ice cream rules.
This official Yankee ice cream from Turkey Hill
rules two-fold.
First:  It's ice cream.
Second:  Duh. It's Yankee-friendly.
If only Jeter came in a box.
This is our "Ice Cream Window":

I manage to draw quite a crowd
when I open the ice cream
How stinkin' cute are these guys???
To make this seem more politically correct,
I make it educational.
Sometimes we go oldest to youngest, as pictured above.
Sometimes I reverse that order.
It's all mathematical.
Very SAT friendly.
Almost college-prep in its depth and simplicity ratio.
And that's what summer's all about.
Bathing suits.
And ice cream.


  1. LOL. Ever try Rice Dream? It's a frozen dessert made from rice -- looks and tastes like ice cream though. Well, doesn't taste as rich, but it's good. Comes in all kinds of decadent flavours. Or how about tofutti? 'ice cream' made from tofu. Yum! Just want you to know that there are dairy-free, vegan alternative out there. LOL. Yes, I know you're rolling your eyes.

  2. Oh my stars.


    What're ya' thinkin', Cupcake?

    Oh, wait, that was totally not P.C.

    I'll try again:

    Kav, wow, that sounds wonderful!!! I'll have to try some next time I'm in the grocery store. Is it in the pet food aisle?

    (tee hee)


    Honey-girl, where I come from rice goes under puddles of thick, chicken gravy with hunks of tender bird floatin' in it....

    And tofu????

    Oh my stars, the thought of tofu anything is just yankin' my Yankee-but-Southern-lovin' chain.


    So yes, honey-girl, I am rollin' my eyes. And drinking REALLY GOOD COFFEE from my Keurig.

    I love this machine. Just love it.