Monday, August 9, 2010

Winter's End

She came in winter, with the snow.
It was cold.
She came to a house steeped in sadness,
old and new.

Her presence was required for a reason.

Not everyone welcomed her.
Not everyone in the house was ready to accept God's will, the inevitable.
Not everyone believed...

And still it snowed...
And dawn was long in coming.
But slowly...

Things changed.

They shared new lives, just beginning.
And old lives, near the end.
They shared time.
And the occasional wondering kiss...

But eventually, the time came for her to move on.
Another job.
Another responsibility.
And while both of them wished they could
make this work,
make it last.
There was no way.

But just when you think all is lost...

When you're pretty sure God has closed a door

Spring comes.
And you find he's opened a window.
And the sun beckons you home.

Winter's End...
Ruth Logan Herne, Steeple Hill Love Inspired

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  1. It's so hot here that I wanted to dive right into the snow!!!! I knew exactly where you were going with this from that first picture. Wonderful promo for 'Winter's End'. Makes me want to read it all over again. :-)