Saturday, September 1, 2012


You can't get much cuter than this, right?

She started with a goal.

And a very cool palette of color! Please note the Bieber Fever t-shirt
big sister used in her dance recital in June...

And of course, snuggy blankie is nearby, hanging on the back of the chair.
Every artiste needs their security blanket, right???

And this shows the sheer delight of the disheveled but creative genius at work!

May your day be filled with simple warmth, not unrelenting heat.
May God bless you in trial and abundance.
May the joy of a small child always surround you.

Whenever things get to be crazy hard, too dark, too stormy, I remember the face of a child.
Knowing it's all right to seek comfort!

We grownups have so much to learn from the faith of a child.

Hey, Keurig's on... Lots of choices. And great creamers!  

Come on by.


  1. “Then he said, 'I tell you with certainty, unless you change and become like little children, you will never get into the kingdom of heaven'.”

    Matthew 18:3

    Imagin the Love Inspired book that opened with the above quote.

    “Freeing the Child Hidden in Matt Larson’s Past.”

  2. Now, Vince, that could work on my two little kids, found abandoned in the high woods of northern Appalachia!

    Why do we humans make simple faith so dog-gone hard????

  3. Hi Ruth:

    “Why do we humans make simple faith so dog-gone hard????”

    Because that which comes easy is never valued very highly. Paradise came too easy for Adam and Eve but now look how much more it is valued. It’s the lost sheep that gets all the attention. Fairness comes on the other side I’m afraid.

  4. Agreed...

    We're kind of thick for the amount of usable brain we've been given.