Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Apple Cider Time!!!


Cool nights.

Snuggy jammies.

Sleeping frogs.

Quiet hens.

Brilliant leaves.

Sweet cider.



Fresh corn on the cob... The late season corn is always best, right?


Chilly toes.

Warm socks.


I love shopping local produce stands, local businesses, local farms. My husband once declared the truism that every dollar spent locally generates seven more...

I consider shopping locally just me, doing my part, right????  :)

Zarpentine Farms, 163 Burritt Road, Hilton, NY  14468...

Zarpentine Farms Website

I love these guys. Seriously love them. Family farm, family business, family bake shop... Go here, visit Kim and the gang, eat apple fritters that melt in your mouth, gobble my faves, apple-cider-glazed fry cakes, buy apples... apple cider... honey... maple syrup... jams, jellies, mixes, Yancey's Fancy cheese... veggies in season.... Oh, they have apples too, LOL!

So spending money on good, home-grown produce for the kidlets is my civic duty, right???

Of course right!


  1. Taking the grandson to get a pumpkin for grandma's porch. Are we going to the grocery store? Nah! The local farm, of course!

    Peace, Julie

  2. On the way home from grocery shopping yesterday, I stopped at a local stand and bought 2 bags of apples--one of Cortlands and one of small Macs, the latter for 14-month-old Zachary.

    I guess Zach got to try warm cider for the first time last night at a potluck where Jeremy and Jen belong to a CSA and he loved it. Yep, he's definitely a member of this family! :)

  3. Oh, I love doing these grandma things!!! SUHWEEET! Isn't is just lovely to shop for pumpkins...apples...cornstalks.... AND CANDY. :)