Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spot Gardens, Revisited!

Yes, we're still taking name suggestions for our two little wanderers in the Southern Tier of WNY!!! (see the name list to the right???? How cool is THAT????)

Feel free to keep offering your name suggestions... Leaving any kind of comment gets you tucked into the drawing for a free copy of His Mistletoe Family, due to arrive here next month! And yes... sigh... it's a sweet,  embracing story of a new chance at love. And a first chance at love.  Have I mentioned I have a soft spot for military heroes????

But I wanted to update you on those earlier "spot gardens", the bursts of color that make me feel like I still have time to garden but don't take much time... because time is a scarcity lately for so many of us. In the North, that doesn't quell our longing for flowers.... color... blossoms.... not in the short time we have up here!

Go here to see what they looked like in late June:

And here's what we have now!!!
The "Pig Pot" garden, surrounded by English Ivy...

The lamppost garden... White begonias, a few mums, a Yucca or two...

A little square of the lamppost garden, pink begonias... Dutch Bearded Iris in the background (now cut back to blossom next May!)



This is the planter I bought at Sandy's Place in Allegany County... Notice that my little bushes have spaces between??? and mulch???  If weeds sneak in, I shoot them with Round-up... No weeding.

Color me happy! And the planter adds a burst of color along the porch rails.
Our mild winter left me with a gazillion yellow jackets, tons of weird early May butterflies, and the Katydids woke up early and stopped "chatting" at night way before normal...
But look at this Dahlia, that got left in and didn't die over-winter:


I love gardens, but I have to be realistic. I can't work full-time and write several books a year and spend time in the yard...

So then it's a matter of choice, right?  I love writing. I've waited all my life for this chance...

So spot gardens have taken over.  And I'm delighted with the results. Daytime, I watch sweet babies...

Early  morning finds me writing away....

And the gardens?

Sweet and simple is how I'm going now, LOL!  :)


  1. I was given a begonia when I was sick its red and pretty and still alive. had it inside for winter its now outside.
    I also got a cyclamen and an azalea (everyone says good luck with that one.)
    Last week I got 2 tomato plants, 5 gerberas and a tray of petunias (still wondering why I got the petunias when I am not ready to plant them.) I have 2 gerberas in the garden and 3 in pots with the (other plants) on the porch. I have tulips flowing and ranunculus about to flower. Love spring.

    update. I got to see my dr today as I am still now sleeping. she said stay up til 10.30 my normal bedtime and had other ideas. she was so helpful and said I am doing the right things. She was so positive and if shes not worried about the amount of Iron I am not eating then I wont worry anymore either. only another 4 hours and I want bed now!

  2. Hang in their, Jenny! Although you're asleep now... When you wake, you shall have all the pretty little horsed... Blacks and bays.... Dapples and grays...

    I loved that poem! Loved reading it to my kids when they were little.

    Jen, did you know that you can plant the petunias up to the bottom leaf branch and they'll grow extra roots and be more beautiful in six weeks than if you just plant the dirt ball at the bottom????

    You can do that to tomatoes, too.

    You sound better. Not 100% and that's okay, but better. Still praying for you, my friend!

  3. Thanks I do feel better than I did before seeing my DR. (Did I mention shes wonderful). haven't heard that poem before.

    didn't know about the plants either (need to find somewhere for them.)

    I got about 5 and a half hours last night and do feel less tired. (i know it will take time) but only been awake since after 4ish. it was hard staying up til 10.30 as I haven't really done that in 12 weeks (before I had my health crisis)