Friday, July 6, 2012

A New Project Beginneth!

There is never enough summer to accomplish my lists of projects. So I employ the "Gotta get done", "Should Get Done" and "Would Love to Get Done" lists to keep my sanity and avoid my family's scorn.

Because they get called on to help.

Hey. I changed their diapers, right???? All's fair in love and outside chores.

No, this is not rainforest Brazil. This is what happens to deciduous forestland in the Northeast corner of the U. S. of A. when the owner gets multiple contracts and can only handle so many gardens at once...

Remember how I said a former co-worker thought I'd died when THE CALL came in 2009?  This is why. In the past two years we were able to re-vamp the front and side of the house, and they're pretty, but this...

This jungle surrounds a hand-dug BIG water pond with a waterfall that my boys dug for me. And this is our current hero Seth:

Seth is one of our sons and he's taking pity on me... and earning money... :)  by tackling this project. By summer's end, it will be beautiful!  (At this point it's better to simply nod and agree, hoping that my creative vision will come to fruition... with no death involved. There is no guarantee on that last one!)

All those young Norway maples?  From our mama tree in the side yard, so there's the benefit to several years of neglect. The trees are thriving and now I can plant more hostas and hydrangeas! This garden is going deep mulch/easy care, all the way!


  1. Hi Ruth:

    In Oklahoma we would just leave that land alone and let nature have its way. We’d also name it a tall grass prairie preserve and people from all over the world would come to see it.

    We call it the “Show Don’t Tend” rule. : )


  2. After two weeks of "hunerd" degree days, we don't have jungles, we have a desert.

    Can't wait to see the final result.

    Peace, Julie

  3. Vince, clearly I'm on the same page! :) It's amazing how big things can get in three... make that four years!

    Show Don't Tend. That's a great rule. I should take a pic of the far lot to show you I truly embrace your rule, but I'll spare you that today!

    Julie, desert.... this is why I'm in the NE because of desert-like tendencies. Or jungle and man-eating, llama-sized bugs... or crocks and gators.... heat and humidity... dry heat. I'm a wuss. A first class wuss.

  4. Hi Ruth:

    There really is something to be said for a good "killing frost".