Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Day in the Life of Least-un's!!!

I am ever in wonder of the miracle of each child. God's awesome mercy and power amaze me. The gift of a child, so precious. So funny. So mind-boggling awesome!!!

When they're not being mouthy little brats, of course!!!  But I just love 'em to pieces, totally.

First, there's this:  MacKenzie, aka:  "Pealie May"... Now I think the nickname is self-explanatory because if ever was born a Pearlie May to this great planet, this kid is it.

"Oh. You want to wear my hat, Meggie??? Sure. Here you go!" We can model it together!"
Now, that's my kind of girlfriend talk, right????  So here's Meggie with her runway model clever way of gathering her shirt hem just enough to be adorable!!!

Now we must change hats. Of course.

 "What do you think of this look?  Does it cover too much of my hair? Do my eyes still glisten?" wonders Pearlie May.

"I don't care what you look like," smiles Meggie. "I'm getting my picture taken and I'm smiling at the camera and the crazy lady behind it because she's got Popsicles for us if we're good... I know when to follow directions!"

"Oh, and by the way, please make note of my breast cancer awareness t-shirt. We gals have to stick together, right!!!  Pink Parties Rule!!!  Fight Like a Girl!!!!"

"Hey, you want me to build you a house for your Pink Party??? In my most manly way?" Logan offers. "Because I'll be glad to do that right after I wrassle us some beef and maybe fish the stream empty.... hang on, lil' lady, I'll be back with some grub later on!"

Who ever supposed a box of hats could be so much fun, right????  Please note that I am not showing pictures of the tug-of-war arguments that may or may not have ensued, LOL!!!   And we followed up hats with Popsicles for one and all!

Each one special, a gift, a miracle. Yeah. That's how my day rolls.  How 'bout yours?