Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Made to Order Family Released!!!!

Welcome to the North Country!
This is Main Street, Canton NY.
It needs a bakery. Luckily, Rita Slocum
longs to open a bakery.
I think not! :)

This is an example of a picture not cooperating.
Bad pic. Very bad! (that's my mean mommy
voice I use for my dogs.
Not my husband.)
But if it were bigger, you'd imagine Brooks' Harriman's wood shop,
The North Country Woodcrafter.

Brooks makes beautiful things. Just lovely.
But his heart is heavy with things of old,
times gone by.
Still: he's a total hottie.
A loner.
With a past.
Straightforward. Commanding.
A former Army "operator", Delta Force.
Now he's a simple carpenter.

Rita makes great cakes. Cookies. Pies. Desserts.
Life threw her some curves and she caved.
But she's back on track.
She has to be. She's got three kids to raise.
One of whom is a bit of a brat.
Okay: total brat.
But redeemable!

And then this guy wanders in, just needin' a
little lovin'.
Some old mac and cheese.
A shoe to chew on.
Little girls love big red dogs.
It's a known fact. Look it up.
Two toughened souls.
A shared addiction.
Three kids.
One dog.
Two self-made businesses.
One faith.
One heart.
One family.

Made to Order Family
in stores now. Also available
4 1/2 Star Romantic Times Review.
And if I say so myself:
A great story of redemptive love.


  1. Congratulations, Ruthy!!! :D I love your description of the book--sounds great!

    Have a fabulous day!


  2. Did I mention how much I loved that you put a dog in your book? There should be more dogs in romances. Lovely book promo. I want to move to Canton and live above the bakery. I could be the offical taster. :-)

  3. Amber, thank you so much and thanks for droppin' by...

    Grab some lemonade, honey, and keep studying. Make us proud!

    And Kav, didn't you just LOVE the dog? Please e-mail Mary Connealy and RAVE about the dog. She thinks I'm a little over the top on the subject, but Pal was a great addition to the family.

    If I do say so myself. ;)

    I say we move to Canton, open the bakery and we can work together. FUN.

  4. Pal was like the icing on the 'family' cake.
    It helped Brooks click the whole 'family' thing into place.
    Providential dog there, Ruthy :-)
    Besides, beautiful retrievers are ALWAYS a good idea.

  5. Love how you summarized the book. MADE TO ORDER FAMILY is a great read.

    I brought some Chocolate Velvet coffee.

  6. Love your creativity, Ruthy!! Made To Order Family is filled with yummy delights with Brooks at the top--of course, I'm not turning down delicious bakery goods either.

    You've given us a story complete with all the best things of life.

  7. Hi Ruth:

    That’s just what I thought Rita’s Bakery would look like! I don’t think I’ve been to this blog before but I’ll be back. I’d like to see more pictures of locations in your next book.