Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Oh my stars, 2011 already!
 Jeter signed with the Yankees...
My young friend Taylor Tydings made her 
acting debut in GEVA's new production of 
Dickens' A Christmas Carol!
 Little girls still love tea parties...
 Blackie the Rooster is happily crowing and eating, 
ruling the farmyard with panache and 
the equanimity of any good bird...
 I still love bacon...
And my husband...
And the squirrely children who see us as a second home.
God is good.
Drinking egg nog this weekend while I dismantle Christmas!
I always hate to put it all away, not because of the work involved...
Although that's not exactly a walk in the park.
But because it's dark up here in WNY... Christmas lights cut through the winter darkness. They brighten souls.
So this year I'm going to let my light shine in lieu of the Christmas lights in January.
I'm going to be NICE.
At least some of the time.
Gorgeous sunrise this morning. Just stunning.
I think that's God's way of letting us northerners
know that he's got our backs, even on these
short, cold days.
And there's always this if all else fails:


  1. Just lovely.

    Here it was Hershey's kisses to keep us going. But the Christmas decor is in bright new see-through boxes in the attic, 20 years of cardboard boxes are headed to the recycle center, and it is almost time for dinner.

    Looking forward to your new books in the new year!

    Peace, Julie

  2. Good stuff. It was a great year and we've got another one starting today!

    Sending hugs your way

  3. Is Jeter signing with the Yankees a good thing? (asks the clueless Canuck.)

    Happy New Year, Ruthy. And up here lots of people keep their outdoor Christmas lights up until mid Feb. since we have a winter carnival. There is something heartening about those twinkling lights, isn't there?

  4. Oh, Julie, I've got some of those mint-truffle Hershey's kisses right here. Melt-in-your-mouth good!!! ;)

    And we must be twins separated at birth because (drum roll PLEASE!!!)

    I now have red and green totes for all the Christmas stuff I've packed away AND I LABELED THEM.

    Cardboard boxes that did not keep mice out???


    Recycling bins?


    Great minds think alike, chica!!! ;)

    And Deb, one of my highlights (well, besides the multi-book contract and new grandbabies, LOL!) was meeting you finally! YAY!

    And Kav, we need to adopt a page from your book. I love the idea of a winter carnival/festival but no one keeps their lights up past the first week of January around here. They even passed a law or almost passed it (remember that, DEB?????) that you HAD to turn off Christmas lights by January 1 or 2nd. It was during an energy crisis year, but really?


    Oh my stars. Big brother at work.

    And yeah, Jeter resigning with the Yankees is a good thing. He's the captain of their team and my favorite baseball player on the planet. Along with BUSTER POSEY!!!!

    And Buster is practically family since I'm his aunt Missy's BFF. (I use that connotation when I want something badly, like an intro to Buster. I am shameless.)

    Kav, I might just string up some of my plain white lights outside next weekend to brighten things up. The nativity scene is still out there, with a spotlight on it.

    I think white twinkle lights would be just the ticket to welcome January with a bang!