Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Love Weddings

This is my friend Renee. I love her. She puts up with me,
and we all know that's not always easy. This pic is on her son's wedding day, two years ago.

I love weddings. Just love 'em. And this post is inspired because
Lawyer Boy and Finance Boy are headed off to Vancouver for Dusty's wedding today. It should be a great time.

This is Finance Boy at John's wedding two years ago.
I'm loving that shade of pink and the varied dresses. Wonderful!

This is the wedding party just after the beautiful ceremony in the gazebo.
I have THREE boys in this wedding. Yup, three.

This is son Seth, the best man, making a speech.
Note the jacket has come off.
Isn't the bride drop-dead gorgeous? That's Sarah. She married John who practically lived at our house,
and that was okay because we LOVE him and his whole family.

This is Dave, snuggling his grandson namesake.... Two cuties, right?

A later-in-the-day shot:
Luke, John, Seth, Zach
Friends since childhood, friends forever.
Just like it should be.


  1. Pammers, thank you! I just talked to Lawyer Boy and he's enroute to Spokane where the groomsmen will gather and drive the rest of the way to the bride's family vineyard in British Columbia.


    And with most of the groomsmen and many guests being to-die-for good looking lawyers, investment bankers, CPA's and big city professionals, girls take note: This reception is a target rich environment of eligible bachelors!

    Wear great shoes! ;)

  2. have the hottest boys shhh!!! don't tell my husband! I love the Blodgett boys all of them, including Blackie the famous rooster!

  3. Aren't they cute guys?

    And they're nice to their mother, but that could have something to do with my deft hand at making awesomely delicious cookies.

    Ya' think?

  4. buncha lookers. yup!

    Loved the photos, Ruthy.

  5. Handsome fellas, Ruthy.
    Okay - maybe a stupid question, but is Dave your hubby?

  6. Dave admits to being my husband most days. There are certain days he denies all knowledge of our relationship. This is totally understandable if I'm doing Atkins and denying myself chocolate.

    He treads dangerous territory then, but he's been around a while so he's armed with knowledge and good sense.

    Isn't he cute? And little Dave is our grandson. He's two and a half now, talking up a storm, and he loves to come to Grammy's house, eat M&M's and splash in puddles. Our needs are simple. ;)

  7. Ruthy,
    Handsome guy...well, both of 'em. Gee, ALL of them. Inspiration for all those fabulous heroes you write, no doubt :-)