Thursday, November 22, 2012

Heifer Black Friday Fun!!!

If you click on that link above, you'll see why I'm smiling...

I get to sleep in.

I get to eat pie.

I get to hang with my kids and talk about cool stuff like Hurricane-Wannabe-Sandy...

Crisis in the Middle East.

Which chickens lay brown eggs?


These are goats.
They give milk, but for a lot less food than cows.
They are crazy adaptable...

They're people friendly. And stinkin' cute, right???

 How adorable are these babies???
Food... meat.... milk.... reproduce in kind....

and then you have a HERD of goats.

Herds provide food for many.

Our Westward expansion in the United States was hugely helped by managed agriculture.
Someone brought the first "freshened" cows....

And started a herd.

The first cats went for .50 a piece and that was a lot of money for a kitten...

But if field mice were eating your seed and your flour and your wheat, then that fifty cent
investment was HUGE....

I love the "teach a man to fish" mindset.

I love that they help the least of our brethren while I'm blessed abundantly.

This is my Black Friday Shopping Extravaganza!!!

Wishing you a Happiest of Thanksgivings and a peaceful, spirit-filled Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi Ruth:

    I think with this post about heifers, cows that is, in relation to the biggest retail sales day of the year, but really talking about the cuteness and utility of goats, has become even more obtuse than even I ever get.

    I think it is time for a post about something like your trip to Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life in Seneca Falls at the Real "Bedford Falls" Festival that you took with Debra Marvin. My wife saw your picture on Seekerville and now she wants to go there next summer. It’s just a good thing I do too.

    BTW: because of your post on Wave Petunias, June 30, 2012, we have a plant named “Ruthy” and every night we ask the question, should we bring “Ruthy” in? That plant might survive the winter.