Monday, March 11, 2013

One tiny and unlikely blossom...

I don't mind winter. I really don't. The short days and long nights don't bother me, I just turn on more lights.

Which bothers my HUSBAND, but really?  A girl's gotta have light. God said so.

So winter's no big hardship for me, I think it's calm, peaceful and thought-provoking.


And then I'm done.




The weather does not always abide by my wishes. It howls and growls and snows and pours and does what change-of-season weather must do.

And then it happens.

The first blossom. The first hint of life renewed.

Look at that.

A crocus.

I didn't plant any crocuses. Ever. And this little guy with TWO BUDS appeared yesterday in the middle of the play area where the kids roam... romp.... build snowmen and dirt tracks for Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars... where they bounce and jump and dig to China.

But here it is, nonetheless.

A tiny promise of what is to come.




Life renewed, faith affirmed.

All in that one little blossom.

Amazing. Right?


  1. I keep watching this flower, knowing it is DOOMED... but believing it will be spared.

    Such a conundrum but what a testament to bloom where you are planted, right?????

  2. Oh Ruthy, I hear you. I can't handle March. Well, except for St. Patrick's Day. Other than that it's just wind and cold. UGH.

    Funny the small things we notice. Saturday was a tad warmer here and finally the sun was out. When I went out to walk the dog (you know, dear Fenway!) I noticed bright green moss growing in a corner of my stoop. I noticed it a few other places on my walk as well. Such a lovely green promise that spring will come - eventually.

    Love your pretty yellow crocus. Crocuses? Crocii??

    Pretty yellow flower. :)