Saturday, November 3, 2012

Faith of a Child....

That's what I'm wishing for everyone today....

Trusting that grown-ups won't encourage you to be too crazy...

Just crazy enough.

Trusting that someone will feed you.... comfort you... while you're totally helpless to help yourself.

Knowing your friends will share with you... And hug you as needed.

Believing that you're held, nurtured and taught, all the days of your life...

Knowing that the only time to drive with a phone is on your Big Wheel!!! Clearly, she's adding a little unseen hand emphasis!

The faith of a child....

During prayerful November, that's a great wish to have for all of you. That God will bless us with the simple faith of a child. 

Faith in his love.
His caring.
Faith that no matter what the evils of man might bring...
Or Mother Nature might back-smack us with...
Faith in Emmanuel.
God with us.


  1. "God with us." I have always loved "Emmanuel" and its meaning. We need all the mantras we can get these days. I am a big Taize fan for that reason.

    Thanks for the reminder, Ruthy.

  2. If it is true that ‘the child is the father of the man’, then the man should honor his father by living the faith he inherited.

    Ruth, this post should be in the Daily Word. You’re a regular inspiration machine. I needed this today after reading last night that the fire killed that little child’s dog.