Friday, March 9, 2012


It's Friday.

And I have this whole weekend (after Stations of the Cross at St. Lawrence Church tonight) to WRITE...

To explore my new stories.  To play with characters.  To explore where I want them to be...

How I want Lisa's farm and nursery garden center to look to the readers. "Gardens and Greens" a family enterprise, but a family touched by sadness. Cancer. Loss. Strain and stress. But a family of faith, hope and love. Strongly united. A little German, a little Irish and downright ALL AMERICAN!

And my hero, Alexander Steele. Bruised. Broken inside. Stoic outside. Forging on because he must, because he's got kids counting on him and life with kids gives you little time to grieve, but we all need time to grieve the loss of someone we love.

I'm so looking forward to writing this story. Figuring out the kids. Playing in VIRTUAL GARDENS!!!!  ;)

I'm a down-on-her-knees get dirty kind of girl, so having Lisa and Alexander plan out his new and somewhat pathetic yard????


There is joy in the silver linings of each and every cloud.  And pink flowers, too.

 So while we storm the heavens for a cure for breast cancer, I'm going to weave a story of love, hope, courage and gardens...

With some sweet little kids thrown in for good measure. Because breast cancer has no respect for age.

My friend Lisa with her daughter Taylor at our "Fight Like a Girl!" party

But together.... Together we will seize the day!


  1. Ah, Stations of the Cross. How I love them. Makes me think, ponder, and pray.

    Love that you are doing this book. I would love it even if I didn't already love the hero's name.

    Continued prayers for Lisa and all who love her.

    Peace, Julie