Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fun Book Signing!

We had a delightful time at Alpha and Omega books yesterday!

Our book giveaway netted nearly $80 for Open Door Mission...

We put a spin on traditional book signings... For a $5 donation, the customer (yes, I accosted very nice people in the name of charity!!!! And it was FUN.  ;)  )

Okay, back to details, the customer could pick from my basket of Ruthy-books....

And I'd sign the book and feed them cookies!

SUHWEET!!!!  ;)

At the morning signing, the famous Garbowski girls came to see me, including Grandma Elaine Foote!!!  And Sharon from Greece, and Beth and Jon brought 'Lijah and Xavier by to say hi... and eat cookies.

(Sorry for the crumbs, Alpha and Omega!)

Then the afternoon signing was in Penfield.  Great bunch of people there. Elizabeth (with new hair!), authors Alan and Connie... So nice!  The Pikes drove in from Sodus and they're just wonderful!  My never-before-met long lost Romesser cousins (yes, I used the last name in Small Town Hearts) drove up to meet me... Cousin Mary Ann Metzger KIDNAPPED them (almost) and what a delightful surprise that was!

Cousin Jeanie, Mary Ann, Helen and our sweet matriarch Cousin Rose who is so stinkin' beautiful that I can only hope to live to be 89 and look that good.

What a wonderful day. Thank you all!!  God bless you!

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  1. So thrilled to meet the "celebrity" Saturday afternoon! ;-) Private joke now, especially because of the way you raved about the retired editor at Bethany House? :D (Couldn't resist, Ruthy!)

    Started reading your latest book when I went to bed last night. I needed a Ruthy book because of some stress I am under and the hives which won't permanently leave... Oy.

    And we were "wonderful" because Gordon/Donny/George held the door open for you before you even knew who he was. LOL He told me later that he almost said to you, "You must be Ruthy." heeheehee

    Loved meeting you! Wish I could have sat down and talked to you about how you "do it all" (and you DO seem to be able to "do it all") and pick up some possible pointers that might help me in my life and possibly help me get back into writing. Enjoyed meeting Beth and Xavier, too :) Sweethearts, all of you!