Thursday, March 1, 2012

This is Mary Ruth helping us fix a mistake...

This is what happens when La Decorateur (me) changes her mind about what tile to buy AFTER she's laid the backer board....

And then messes up the edges....

And then doesn't fix it for A VERY LONG TIME.

So now we (by WE I mean Paul and Mandy, Mary Ruth's parents) are removing the old tile. It will be used in the garden.

(author's note:  Yup. I'll have the gardener get right on that, LOL!)

Time to stop for some pumpkin roll.... Because why wouldn't you  stop for pumpkin roll, right?  

And we're buying appropriately sized tiling to re-do the project.

As soon as I have time to go to the store and play.

And that's how we roll, LOL!


  1. Pumpkin roll... Oh, goodness, have you posted THAT recipe??? (Although I do have one from a woman at church; I just haven't tried to make it. Yours looks like it might be even better...)

    Home improvement projects. Wanna come do some in our 1890 house? *sigh*

    How's Speedbo going for you? (I don't know if I'll sign up--challenges scare me!)

  2. You do tile? And make pumpkin roll? No wonder you have all these namesakes. Not to mention those motivational tidbits...

  3. You guys will totally understand this: My niece and I taught ourselves how to tile (bought a book) because I needed to learn it for a part of Made to Order Family... :) So I practiced on the house, LOL! And I was mad at myself because what I did here was a beginners mistake. Duh.

    The pumpkin roll... I'll post the recipe over at Yankee Belle. Maybe here too. Easy. Delicious. And stuffed with cream cheese frosting. And it freezes well, so you can make a double batch and freeze three. I take them out and thaw them for company or funerals or anything that I might need a nice "thinking of you" cake.

    Love this stuff!

    Speedbo... Melanie, I love a challenge. Tina once dared me to enter a contest.

    I did.

    I finaled.

    They wanted to see THE BOOK.

    I had three chapters done.

    GULP. That was my first unofficial Speedbo, LOL!


    I'm always up for a dare. Or challenge. Way too competitive. Which is probably why I won't go into a room where my children are playing Risk or Monopoly... WAY TOO MUCH TENSION!

  4. Oh my goodness! I had no idea you were so incredibly versatile. I wanna be just like you. Fun, sassy, happy, crafty, and a COOK! Wow!

  5. Sherrinda, LOL! You see how well my expertise worked for me, right???? ;)

    Ah, well, there's always some learning to be done in the fixing! And honey, I've had to fix a lot of things in my time.

    Have some pumpkin roll.

    It's really yummy.

  6. I would have one of those delicious pumpkin rolls, but I haven't done well the last two weeks at Weight Watchers!!! Grrrrr....

    Do you have a low fat, low cal, low everything pumpkin roll recipe? :)