Monday, August 8, 2011

Fight Like a Girl Pink Party

Ten years ago God brought Lisa into my life.
With a baby girl named Taylor.
And a cute husband named Jeff.
They trusted me (silly people!) to watch Taylor.
And then McKenna.
And then Nolan.
And then Brody.
Four kids. Four delightful gifts from God.

And now Lisa has breast cancer.
I hate saying those words. 
But I can't pretty them up like I do in a novel.
Dagnabbit. You can find out more of Lisa's story HERE

So Taylor (now ten years old) got an idea.
A wonderful, marvelous, God-sent uplifting idea.
Why don't we throw Mom a party?
A "Fight Like a Girl Party"
And everyone can wear pink and cover their hair in sisterhood.
Except it was a surprise party so Lisa is in blue.
Which only makes her stand out in a crowd even more than usual.
That and the bald head.
So we did just that.
Pink food.
Pink shirts.

Pink friends.

Girls came from all over. Big girls.
Small girls.

Girls having fun.
Because, well... They're girls. And girls just wanna have fun.

There were messages of love and hope and good wishes:
And a visiting puppy.

The puppy was also a girl.
Girls united in faith, hope and love.
And the greatest of these is love.
These are my girls. My friends. My comrades. My daycare moms.

These gals made Taylor's dream of having a big "Fight Like a Girl" Pink Party a reality.

Rock on, ladies.

Taylor, Lisa and McKenna Tydings.


  1. Prayers for everyone of you. Good friends make terrible times seem slightly less terrible. And puppies? Puppies are like babies. I always consider them God's bit of grace in dark days.

    My prayers with Lisa and her family, her friends, and you.

    Peace, Julie

  2. Awesome ladies make strong young women with great ideas! Many prayers for all. MK

  3. Ladies, thank you! One unexpected perk??? Daughter of my heart Mandy (Mary Ruth's mother) HATES PINK.... She's a hockey player and one tough high school teacher. And hate's pink, AND SHE DOESN'T LET LISA FORGET IT FOR ONE STINKIN' MINUTE, the GINORMOUS sacrifice she's making for her.

    It's hysterical.

    Perfect. ;)

  4. Wow, Ruthy--what a great party!

    And a great sisterhood!

    Go, Girl Power!!!

  5. How beautiful! What a wonderful support group. Loved the pictures! And look at those gorgeous rolling green hills behind the trampoline. Just like your book covers!

    I'm praying for Lisa!

  6. Brilliant and uplifting idea! "Fight Like a Girl" -- I'll have to remember that. Continued prayers go up for you all as you continue to power on. You go, girls!

  7. Missy, Kav, grab some cake! Or trifle. Pink trifle was DELICIOUS!!!!


    And everyone was afraid to break the breast cancer pink cupcake ribbon and eat the cupcakes, so we eventually handed them out on plates. And they were delish. ;)

    Keep the prayers comin', guys and gals. Our God is a mighty God. And wherever two or more are gathered in his name... Well, you know the rest. He's right there with us. He rocks.

  8. Ruthy,

    Thanks for this post about someone's trials, which reminded me of my own blessings. I'm adding my prayers to yours.


  9. Cathy, thank you. Bless you. Blessings from Lisa and the gang, too. She said this post made her cry...


    Us, too. Prayers are appreciated so much. So very much.

    God bless you.

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