Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flower Power, Guys and Gals!

I should have taken a pic of me in full poison-ivy ammo gear.
I'll do that soon. Promise.
I'm allergic now. I didn't used to be. I... well... miss those days.
Those were non-itch/welt/looking-worse-than-usual days.

But I have declared war on the ivy monster!
Now this is tricky. Because it's running rampant through my English ivy which I love.
But one must sacrifice the occasional battle for the war.
This is my rose-toned clematis.
Note the close-up factor for this pic.
Doing a close-up means you don't see the JUNGLE surrounding it and you think:
"Wow, Ruthy's great in the garden!"
(this is where clever editing becomes your new best friend)
And how about this beauty? This is pale ivory clematis with pink veins...
gorgeous for a wedding backdrop, isn't it?
What you can't see is the chicken coop behind it.
But most brides SERVE chicken at their weddings,
so who wouldn't want to be photographed
near chickens?

It's very mathematical.

And then there's this.
This is the reason I do what I do.
Not the puppy. Although I love the puppy.
(Yes, we breed Golden Retrievers. Love it!!!)
This is my friend Taylor. I would walk over hot coals for this kid.
And right now, we're doing just that.
Taylor's mom is my friend Lisa.
has newly diagnosed breast cancer.
She is my friend. My buddy. My confidant.
She has trusted me with her children for ten years.
If you go to the shutterfly site we've made,
you'll see Lisa, Jeff and the gang.
So do me a favor. Please.
Add my Lisa to your prayer list. She's tough.
She's strong.
She's amazing.
But she's got cancer and could use those prayers.
That love.
That healing touch.

She's 36 years old and life did an abrupt u-turn on her.
But around here?

We fight like girls.


  1. I'll definitely keep Lisa in my prayers for the long haul. She is blessed to have a friend like you to help her through this gnarly time so I'll keep you in my prayers too.

  2. Will do,Ruthy. Mom fought a brave battle for years before she died from a new malignancy. If you are allowed to hate anything, I hate this disease. Will be praying for her, her family and friends, including you.

    There are so many good doctors, treatments, and fellow survivor networks out there! Praying she is surrounded by them all!

  3. Kav, thank you. We've got her surrounded by so many friends, family, church members, co-workers.

    Lisa is an elementary Special Education teacher in our district. She is beloved for so many reasons... Of course mostly because her kids have like the coolest, wackiest babysitter in the history of the world.


    And we know how to fight like girls.

  4. Julie I agree. I hate cancer. And Alzheimer's. They are part of my daily entreaty to find cures... and I'm sorry about your mom. Wretched disease.

    And the great thing is that there is a much better prognosis now than twenty years ago...

    We're so human. We want instant progress. Personally I want one of those hand-held devices used by Dr. Bones McCoy in Star Trek...

    He'd just wave it over the patient and within seconds, things were put right.

    That's my kind of machine!

  5. Hi Ruth:

    My wife had seven friends and relatives with breast cancer within a few year span. One died quickly. The others are surviving. Some wanted good books to read during chemo. I found one that seems ideal:

    Thanks for the Mammogram!: Fighting Cancer with Faith, Hope and a Healthy Dose of Laughter. By Luara Jensen.

    It has 24 five star ratings on Amazon. 100% five star. My copy was an audio tape version.

    I recommend this very highly. Also a good book for friends is “Talk Before Sleep” by Elizabeth Berg. This is about how to be a friend of a breast cancer victim. The patient dies so it is not for the patient to read but it is one of the best friendship books I’ve ever read. I've read it many times.

    My wife and I will put Lisa in our prayers.


  6. Will certainly pray for Lisa (my daughter's name!). She is blessed to have your support, Ruthy!