Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Princess in need of Prayer...

I will never understand how smart people don't see each and every baby as a miracle.

I mean, seriously:  Look at that face???
This is Anna Elizabeth, our newest granddaughter.
Precious, right?
And healthy. But that's not a given with babies.
Four generations: Beth, Grandma holding 'Lijah, Grandpa and Dave
We are complex creatures. To get all the ducks in a row and all the i's dotted
and t's crossed that need to happen to produce a normal human is not only amazing...

It's a miracle.
And it's not polite to argue with me. I'm old. Set in my ways. I might get crotchety.
Hey, it COULD happen. You never know.

This is Teresa:
Beautiful, right?
But Teresa has a heart defect that requires a heart/lung transplant for her to live.
It's as simple and complex as that.

And here is their family link where you can find out more about Teresa and the 
whole Bartlinski clan.

She needs our prayers, and you guys are great at that.
So tuck her into your heart. Onto your prayer lists.
Spread the word, please. 

The younger Bartlinski girls! How beautiful are they?
 No one knows the day or the hour. 
I get that.
But I'm a big believer in miracles and this family,
this little girl sure could use one.
Right about now, God willing.

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  1. What a wonderful family!!!! I'll definitely continue to keep Teresa and her family in my prayers!