Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I may not LOOK desperate, but I am...
I'm just sayin'....
Baseball ends.
Abbott's closes for the winter.
And, SURE.... Christmas keeps me going for a while.
But then....
The inevitable January.... Cold. Stormy.Windy. Did I mention cold?
Followed by February.
Today is March 1, 2011! Oh, Happy Days are Here Again!  :)

Sure, possums on the porch signal warming trends.
Melting slushy piles of snow... The same.
Cracking ice.
But THIS!!!!
THIS is history. Momentous. Serendipitous. Wondrous. And every other "ous" you can imagine.
The good ones, that is.
This is Abbott's Frozen Custard, my favorite ice cream stand.
Here's the original one I went to as a little girl:
That's the 1939 photo... AHEM.  I wasn't even a consideration on the planet then.
Ah. Here we go:
Abbott's original location in Charlotte, the lakeside section of Rochester, NY.
I'd ride the bus down to the lake and buy a cone with my babysitting money.
Now it's franchised. There's one near Tina and Audra in Colorado.
One in Massachusetts.
A bunch around here.
I plan to visit tonight when it's OPEN...

My first Abbott's of the season and Major League Baseball spring training games on YES Network.
Could life possibly get better than THAT???
I submit that it cannot!


  1. I am Hmmmm...counting....I'd say 15 hours into a diet.

    Not a FANCY diet. Just a general Stop Eating Like a Pig diet.
    SELAP (prounced SLAP--I think this blog post makes that official--I'm copyrighting it here right now)

    I write this simply to make you aware that your post is NOT HELPING.

  2. It has something to do with eating pancakes eight days in a row. I'm sure this whole diet thing is a phase, it will pass.

  3. They always do, Mare. I think it's because Abbott's frozen custard tastes way better than grass and leaves.

    So nice to have you back home! It makes the opportunity to tease you more readily available.


  4. Hi Ruth:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever had custard. Does it differ from soft ice cream like Dairy Queen?

    Also, the dresses in that 1939 photo are just like my aunts were wearing in our old family movies. Little did those people in the photo knows what was coming.


  5. Vince, good morning! Does custard differ? It's creamier. Like velvet vs. velour. It's richer, and it never tastes like chemicals or emulsifiers like some soft ice creams do. It's just... Abbott's.

    And aren't those dresses great? They have a great pic of a local Catholic school, Holy Cross, that allowed the sisters to walk kids down to the lake (Lake Ontario) and buy them ice cream way back in the day. I couldn't find that one on line, but what a great photo!

    And no: I'm sure they'd have no idea AND would be appalled. And slightly thrilled by some things. ;)

  6. Good stuff! My great-grandmother lived close to the lake and walking in summer to get a dish then walking up the pier with it. Heaven!

  7. Julia, we did the same thing with our kids every year! A trip to Charlotte and then a walk on the pier with an Abbott's cone! I don't think it gets better than that!

    And Dave and I still try to go down there once or twice a year even though we have an Abbott's in town now (that I frequent more than once or twice a year, LOL!) because there's something about being on the shores of Lake Ontario, the soft sand, the pier, the gulls, the people....

    It just says summer.

  8. Wow, I have just discovered your blog and I love it! Thank you so much for brightening my day! And I totally understand your excitement about Abbott's Custard, I just love custard!