Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blessings surround us!

While God loves a good choir, he treasures a lament.

If you go  
 today, you'll find Deb Giusti's great post
 about how words and actions touch people.

Loved it.

And if you ignore the HORRIBLE expression on my face,
you can focus on the miracle of this baby boy.
Logan. Love him!

And here we have a lost art renewed. Learning to sew!

How adorable is she???

I love my girls. And I can't believe their parents let me help raise 'em.
Obviously they haven't told them about the snakes in the back yard.
And occasionally the basement.

Stupid snakes.


  1. Lovely blessings, Ruthy. And you're right about Debby's post. Beautiful.

    There's no way I'd teach my little darlings to sew. They're much younger than yours. It's all I can do to keep them from eating the play dough. :)

    2011 has been an incredible year of blessings so far. Hubby starts a new job & I have a first book contract!!

  2. Oh, amen, Sistah!!! I'm so proud of you and tickled pink to have you on board at Love Inspired! Lisa, this will be so much fun, working together!

    And yeah, the girls are wonderful, aren't they? With their sewing project?

    And I have my share of Play Doh eaters... Oh my stars, children have amazingly versatile constitutions, LOL!

  3. Hi Ruth:

    Just a note: Your link does not work. The one below works for me.

    (I think you put ‘www’ in front of seekerville.)

    A question:

    I have to admit that you’ve stumped me! I’m not sure what you mean by: “While God loves a good choir, he treasures a lament.” A lament to me is a sadness, a crying out in pain or despair. What am I missing here?


  4. Ruthy, love the baby, love the kids, love the sewing : ) You make me want to revert back to 7 years old and be able to go to Ruuffie's after school, if for nothing else, to laugh with you and enjoy your cookies.

    Okay, forget the 7 year old stuff. As an adult, I'd love to stop by after work to laugh and share cookies : )

  5. Vince, thank you! I thought I tested it but I fixed it now so it goes straight to Deb's beautiful post.

    Love that girl!!!

    Ah, I stumped Vince. I am herewith writing down the date and time, my friend!

    I was inspired by Amy Grant's "Better Than a Hallelujah". The lyrics reflect so much of what I believe, that it's easy to be faithful in good times and so hard to feel like you're heard in moments of dire need. The drunk, begging for help. The addict. The prostitute. The single mother who just needs sleep.

    Those thoughts inspire me. God hears. He knows. He loves. He reaches out through all kinds of ways and means.

    He's gotta love a good lament, the 100th lamb come home.


    He's just that kind of God.

  6. Audra, come sew and eat any time! SWEET!!!

    The welcome mat's always out. Dusty and dirty, but hey....

    We're busy livin' life. And that's what the mat's SUPPOSED to be for, right?

    Wiping feet????

    Come visit. I'll take you to Allegany County. We'll play in Angelica at the Angelica Sweet Shop, we'll browse Park Circle, visit the churches and then I'll treat you to lunch in Wellsville at the Texas Hot.

    You will love me forever!!!

  7. Hi Ruth:

    Now I’ve got it! The light went on.

    He's gotta love a good lament, the 100th lamb come home.

    I’ll have to listen to Amy Grant’s song and savor the experience.

    Unfortunately, as a philosopher, I have problems with some everyday statements others may not even worry about.

    God is perfect. He hears all of us equally well --100% of the time. He hears the cries of 100th lamb just as well as He hears the hymns of the #1, most faithful, lamb in the flock. That’s just part of the definition of being perfect. I also have problems with statements like: “God must” or “God has to”. I don’t think God has to do anything. But you see, I think too much. Caesar would say that I am like Cassius.

    Didn’t Debby write an inspirational post? Just beautiful. Everyone should read it.


  8. Oh, Vince, she did! I loved Deb's post, it resonated with simple acts of mercy!

    I'm glad the philosopher in you recognizes the poet in me.

    A blessing in and of itself! ;)

  9. Right after you teach them to sew, how about you teach them to hitch up the team?

    Then weave buggy whips from saplings.

    Then go back to chiseling your book into a stone.