Monday, March 14, 2011

If my people...

Will pray....

If my people....
Which are called by my name...

Can grasp the joy of a moment...
The strength of a friend.
The faith of a child.

If my people will pray...

I will forgive their sins....

And heal their land.


  1. Thank you, lovely ladies. We can just imagine clasping hands... but our hearts are already linked.

  2. Hi Ruth:

    I like what you did with II Chronicles 7:14. Great photos. They make me feel good!

    If you want to hear “Bob the Bible Guy” signing this quote, it’s here:

    (It’s amazing what I’ll do when I have editing to get done.)


  3. Vince, you rascal! Bob the BIble Guy is very cool!

    We sing "If My People Will Pray" in choir, a beautiful rendition of these sacred words. I just love it. So simple.

    And we're so silly for taking so much for granted.

    The Ground Zero pics were taken from the 17th floor of the Hilton that suffered damage on 9/11. We had a room there for two nights last summer, and my son booked the one overlooking the 24 hour work zone and told the lady, "Oh, no, my mother won't complain about the noise. She'll love the vantage point."

    It's a wise son that knows his mother! Amazing seeing those people working night and day.

  4. Times like this are hard. Prayer is always the right answer.

  5. Amen, Faye. Thanks for swinging by, kiddo.