Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It cannot possibly be February....



Oh my stars. 

Grandpa's doing better. He's home. He loves being home. And when God's ready for him, he'll send the angels to the house. Until then we ply him with cookies. Cookies are a wonderful thing.

Snow day today:

Snow days rock.

This is what a snow day is all about, Charlie Brown!!!

And this....

And of course, this....

Aren't they adorable? Beautiful? Wonderful???

And they all started out like:


Time for hot chocolate. Or spiced cider. Warm socks.
God doesn't want you to ever waste the snow days of life.


  1. What?! Those cookies look AMAZING. There, you just got back at me for telling you how warm it is here today!! Ha.
    The snow does look beautiful though, and it is fun to see kids having fun. Hang in there, winter will not last forever!

  2. Look at those adorable children. ..two of them are mine! Being loved and cherished by the best babysitter ever! And cookies too?? This is too much for a girl to ask 4 !

  3. Cathy, yes, I admit. They are amazing cookies. Keeping the oven on WARMS US UP!!! ;)

    And Stacey/Anonymous, aren't they adorable out there? Winter postcard for fun.

    And they came inside, had lunch and WROTE STORIES on my computer all afternoon.

    I have brainwashed them.

    I love it.

  4. So you're saying you DON'T have a calf in your basement?
    A rooster?


  5. Nothing alive. That I know of, although there've been some pretty gutsy squirrels coming close to the house, in the TREES, of all places.

    Whassup wi dat??? It's the beginning of February. And cold? Shouldn't they be sleeping?

    We've had to house puppies in the basement. Smelly project. Lots of clean up. This is why I will never do winter puppies again. Kittens are trainable.



    Mostly I let the children come upstairs. Or down from the attic.

    On my good days.

  6. Hi Ruth:

    Great pictures.

    Actually it looks like Tulsa today.

    But, how's that porch project going? :)


  7. Vince, I scheduled a porch update for tomorrow, my friend.

    Give you a view of it a little more recent.

    I LOVE IT!!!! There's something about the view from a porch that just doesn't happen anywhere else.

    Without the possum, of course.

  8. You didn't take the baby out in the snow, right?

    Never mind, don't answer that.

    Not in PUBLIC.


    No baby stayed inside with me. Too little to have fun in the snow.

    But the pre-schooler urchins today?

    Oh, there will be fun in the big snow piles left by my wonderful plow guy. To them they're like mountains.

    So fun.

  10. I have been a good girl for over two weeks and today I wuz so bad! Craving cookies... so I made a batch of 'healthy' cookies, Don't Laugh. I swear I ate a third of the batter before and then 3 warm ones after. Then I got on FB and saw your quote - "I never met a cookie I didn't like". So true. Even a bad cookie is good.

    I feel sick.

    Are you ready for the cold temps again? Just in time to freeze all that wet snow into nice ruts of ice everywhere?

    Enjoyed the photos...