Sunday, January 16, 2011

Porch Projects Progress Report!

Did you note the plural in "porch"?
As in not one, but two?
So this is the beginning, last spring. Remember the possum?
This was his domain.
He now shares it with a cat and a red chicken named "Rosie".
And yes, she's a friend of Blackie, the famous Parma rooster.
The chicken, that is. The cat is somewhat aloof.

This is Bob the Builder. He will probably kill me for putting this on here.
And if you look at the size of that 'jack' I'm probably foolhardy to think he won't.
Bob's our friend. And he's smart. And handy. 
Note the VERY INTENSE stance.
I knew the porch was in good hands.


  1. I look forward to seeing what "Bob the Builder's" efforts produce.

  2. Wow!

    Is this going to be a Reality Show?

    Say Yes to the Porch


  3. You guys are a hoot, LOL! And Vince, I LOVE that name: Say Yes to the Porch! :)

    AND KELI GWYN!!!!! Still Snoopy dancing for you in the streets of Upstate NY but they're getting USED to it now so the locals hardly even notice!!!!

    I'm so proud of you!!!!

  4. I can't imagine where this is going since it is winter and you have been pummeled with snow, haven't you? So how in the world would any porch work get done? Expecially since you'd disturb the hibernating possum.

  5. Hi Kav:

    It makes great theater to have this show in the winter. Just think of the rising tensions! There will be ice storms, blizzards, power outages, burst water pipes, falling tree limbs and the caribou migration coming at just about the time the season ends. Move over Sarah Palin! You met your match!


  6. That dude looks super-intense.
    Lovely house, Ruthy.
    And I told Keli that it wasn't thunder - it was me snoopy dancing in TN.
    I'm ignoring the chocolate brownies on the oven