Saturday, May 29, 2021

Puppy Fever is Growing and So Are The Puppies!

 All nine pups are doing well! 

We're so excited!!!!!

The puppies are just getting up on their little legs and trying to walk instead of commando creep.... their eyes are opening! They are starting to yip! yip! yip! like dogs instead of puppy whimpers and their baby voices are so cute! 

The puppies have had their first deworming (intestinal worms are a normal part of puppy life) and their second and third will be done before their six week check-up with Dr. Heidi Wendel of Erie Canal Veterinary and Apple Country Veterinary. 

We have three females, very distinctive:

Black with a white blaze, wavy  ($1500.00)

Sable brown, curly to wavy, very unusual ($2000.00)

Ivory/cream with gray overtones, also very unusual coloring. ($2000.00)

We have six males, gorgeous boys! All six boys are priced at $1500.00

One dark copper male with dark ears, he should be a dark red dog.

One with distinctive curl tendency already, dark gold with red overtones.

One husky black male with wavy tendency (looks like his daddy did at this age)

One gold with darker overtones, two white rear paws, waves already showing

One sleeker-looking gold, not much curl showing, soft and silky, big boy.

One smaller blonde puppy, white star on forehead, thick waves showing.

We will take individual pictures next week, but we wanted to wait until pups are mobile and eyes open.... Still, here are some sweet group photos!

Feel free to message Ruthy via Facebook (Either through her author page Ruth Logan Herne or her farm page Blodgett Family Farm) or call her cell at 585 455 1035. 

We are delighted to share our good news with all of you!

Ruthy for Blodgett Family Farm


  1. They are so sweet Ruth... We are looking for a new home to buy and I want to wait till after I find one to get a puppy or two... I hope you find buyers for all of them.
    Linda Marie Finn

    1. Linda, I'm sure we will and best of luck to you on your move!

  2. When will the pups be ready to leave their mom? We are going to be in Victor from 7\2-7\10. Possibly heading back to Kentucky with a new family member.

    1. Chris! That's like perfect timing. NYS law says they need to be 8 weeks old now, and they'll be fully weaned by seven weeks. And I love that you're coming north! Lucky us!!!!