Sunday, May 16, 2021


 We are so excited to announce a safe and happy delivery of nine Golden Doodle puppies on May 13th! 

Maggie was amazingly calm. We spent the morning cuddling and talking about the strength of womanhood (not even kidding, I had six kids, I totally get it!) and when the babies began arriving around 2:30 PM we had a crew of three here to weigh puppies, check umbilical cords and adjust, and then as the happy family grew, several surrogate "Doulas" snuggled firstborn pups to keep them warm while Maggie delivered the last five...

It was and is amazing.

Puppies are six males, three females. Color tones range from cream to black, an amazing array. We will post more pics as puppies grow. Right now we do minimal handling other than once/day bedding change and weigh-in. All puppies are gaining weight... not even first day weight loss, which is normal. Nope. Keeping Maggie calm and her sweet, giving nature seems to be a winning combination for well-fed babies.

We have two puppies that will be priced higher. 

One is chocolate brown or "sable".... Gorgeous female. She will be priced at $2000.00.

The other is a cream female, almost white, a true surprise. She's a throwback to her grandmother on one side and great-grandmother on the paternal side, a beautiful Thistle Rock ivory retriever out of Minnesota. She will also be priced at $2000.00

The price for the other seven gorgeous red, gold and black doodles will be $1500.00.

This pic is from Sunday morning, 5/16... Maggie is so calmly handling her beautiful family. Puppies with full tummies are laying out in sweet "milk comas", a sign of a happy, well-fed and tired baby. :)

$200 non-refundable deposits will be taken in two weeks. We have an interest list started. If you'd like your name on that list, email Ruthy at or call her cell phone at 585 455 1035. With the farm opening up and planting season upon us, calling her is the fastest and best way to get your name on the list. Ruthy will contact the people on the list in two weeks in the order in which they've expressed interest. Not all people will want a puppy, of course, but the list is already at eight people... and that was before pups were born.

All pups will be dewormed several times here at the farm. They will be vet-checked by Dr. Heidi Wendel of Erie Canal Animal Hospital the end of June and will be available to go to homes a week after Independence Day. (Apple Country Veterinary is their clinic in Hilton). We have worked with Apple Country and Erie Canal Animal Hospital for over a decade and we're blessed to have three veterinarians that were inspired by the late Dr. Dean Snyder, a man who offered advice on my books, my dogs and the common sense wisdom of being a successful owner and breeder.

As owners of both mom and dad, we are happy to share health histories that we have. Jeter (father) was bred here and his mother (puppies' grandmother) is enjoying old age retirement here on the farm. We love Libby... and her gorgeous chocolate brown coloring finally came through in a puppy. :)

Thanking God for a healthy mama and a beautiful delivery! 

Ruthy (Blodgett Family Farm)  585 455 1035

723 Parma Center Road

Hilton NY 14468

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